Capt. Darien Lander & Calynn Ladner

As a full-time fishing guide, there are few things more terrifying than pulling up to the dock in the morning, and seeing a boat load of LADNERS. I’m kidding, but when Captain Darien(pronounced Darren) Ladner and his family are at the dock, you’d better bring your A-Game that day! I’ve fished next to his family several times, and it is always an impressive show. From pin point casting to quick netting, that crew runs like a well oiled machine

Darien has been working for Shore Thing Charters for many many years now. He is probably our most requested guide. Once customers fish with him, they will seldom wanna fish with any of our other guides. He’s extremely personable, funny, hardworking, and one of the best fishermen I have ever seen. As if that wasn’t enough, every member of his family are absolute fishing and hunting machines. Hats off to Darien, he schedules plenty of days for his wife and kids to fish. They plan their off times from work and school around peak hunting and fishing times. So when we pull up to the dock, and he’s got his family out fishing with him, we all pray that we land on fish. It is all but guaranteed that the boat load of Ladners is coming back to dock with a pile of trout, reds, triple tail and what ever other unlucky fish is within range of their casts.

Capt “D” did things right, from the very beginning. He and his wife Julie started bringing their 2 daughters Calynn, Carly, and their son Colton, fishing and hunting from the get go. Their kids are all adults now, which makes them even more of a force to be reckoned with. They all know how to do every aspect of a fishing trip. Driving and backing up trucks/trailers, rigging and baiting lines, driving a boat, cleaning fish, and cleaning a boat. They are all meticulous with their stuff. The teachings they learned from the outdoors have carried over into other areas of their lives. Colton took a hobby of working on old Ford trucks, to building show trucks that are nationally recognized. Carly has her pilots license, and Calynn is kicking butt up at Mississippi State.

The entire family has done well in every thing they have pursued in life. Nothing was given to these folks, they have worked their tails off. The same mentality carries over into their fishing and hunting trips. Luck left the building a long time ago with this crew. They get up in the wee hours of the morning, to make sure their gear is ready, and are first in line at the bait shop. They aren’t scared to burn gas, and go where ever they think the fish are(they are usually right). The areas they hunt are very difficult to get to as well. Hard Honest work has blessed them with many gifts, awards, and trophies. It also filled their freezers with plenty of trout, redfish, triple tail, and Venison. Just this past hunting season, Darien shot a 170 inch Monster buck, ON PUBLIC LAND!!!

Colton was there for that one. A few weeks later, his daughter Calynn bagged a huge 9 point she had been chasing all season.

It has truly been a pleasure, working and playing with the Darien and his family. He is always happy to help, and we have learned a lot from him and his crew. Sure, we have learned plenty about fishing and hunting stuff, but we have also learned a lot about what it means to be a good human being. So here’s to my favorite bunch of LADNERS!!! Yall are the best!!!

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