Volleyball -- OLA
The 2020 OLA Crescents - Division 8-3A champions
The high school volleyball season is quickly coming to a close and the state playoffs are pending in the near future.
All area team gathered wins last week with OLA claiming their 21st division title with a win against Columbia on Thursday. 
Bay High Lady Tigers
The Lady Tigers (4-2) got two wins on the court and performed well in the Gulfport tournament on Saturday.
The Lady Tigers beat Picayune last Tuesday 25-13, 25-20, and 25-9. 
Lizzie Weems had six aces and three kills followed by Jadyn Sheppard with six aces. Olivia Signiago had six kills and four digs while Aleyah Calomese added two kills and a block. Domonique Cole recorded four assists, three kills, and seven digs while McKenzie Favre has four kills, 17 assists, and six aces. Maddie Godbold had six digs.
On Wednesday, the Lady Tigers beat Pass Christian 25-16, 25-17, and 25-19. In the game, Weems tallied two aces and five kills while Signiago had six aces and five kills. Cole added two aces, 11 assists, and six kills followed by Calomese with four kills. Favre finished with eight aces, four kills, and eight assists. 
Results from the Gulfport tournament were not available.
Hancock Lady Hawks
The Lady Hawks (15-4) beat West Harrison (25-12, 24-26, 25-7, and 25-8), Vancleave (12-25, 14, 25, 25-14, 26-24, and 25-9), and Harrison Central (25-16, 25-13, and 25-22) before going 5-1 in the Gulfport tournament and losing to the Lady Admirals in the finals. 
For the week's games, Regan Huff led the charge with 42 kills, three aces and 41 digs followed by Peyton Russell with 38 kills, four blocks and six digs. Alex Fausett tallied 12 aces, 68 digs, and five assists while Klair Cuevas chipped in four kills, two aces, 28 digs and 62 assists. Jacey Garriga added nine kills, three aces, 12 digs, and 35 assists. MacKenzie Galbraith contributed 15 aces, two kills and 12 digs.
In the tournament, Huff had 55 kills, six aces, a block, and 47 digs whike Russell had 31 kills, 14 aces, six blocks and six digs. Fausett added nine aces, 67 digs, and six assists while Cuevas tallied two kills, five aces, 31 digs and 91 assists. Ashley Corey had 12 kills, three aces and 30 digs.
Hancock head coach Lynsie Gayden commented, "This week was a huge boost of confidence for our team. We took down the defending 4A state champions, Vancleave, at their home. This victory was a confidence booster for many of the players. They now know they are truly talented enough to beat anyone we play against."
Our Lady Academy Crescents
The Crescents beat Seminary (25-9, 25-6, 25-13) and West Marion (25-22, 25-10, 25-6) to claim their 21st consecutive division title.
Against Seminary, Ashley Bulot had three aces, 10 points, 17 kills and 12 assists while Averie Templeton had four aces, six points, two kills and five digs. Kate Funk added 11 aces, 24 points, two kills, and 25 assists while Avery Matheson chipped in four kills and seven digs. Anna Laura Williford had two aces, nine points and seven kills while Shelby Zimmermann had 11 kills and three aces. 
Against West Marion, Bulot tallied four aces, 16 points, 10 kills, 14 assists and a block followed by Grace Koons with five digs. Templeton secured four aces, 11 points, and five digs while Faith Anderson had two blocks and three assists. Funk finished with eight assists and Matheson added three aces, nine points, and seven digs. Williford had three aces, 10 points and nine kills and Zimmermann had three kills.
In the Gulfport tournament, OLA went 4-1 and lost to Gulfport in the semifinals.
For the tournament, Bulot had seven aces, 29 points, 61 kills, 42 assists, two blocks and 20 digs. Koons had 14 digs while Templeton added six aces, 24 points and 13 digs. Anderson tallied eight assists and eight digs while Abby Whaley had four kills and 10 digs. Funk chipped in six aces, 27 points, 59 assists and 14 digs while Matheson added three aces, 15 points, eight kills, and 30 digs. Williford secured four aces, 16 points, 31 kills, two blocks and 11 digs. Zimmermann finished with 17 aces, 34 points, 15 kills, two blocks and 11 digs.

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