Redistricting benchmark

A draft of Waveland’s redistricting benchmark map. 

During last week’s Board of Mayor and Aldermen meeting, Waveland Mayor Mike Smith said city officials met with representatives from the the Gulf Regional Planning Commission and South Mississippi Planning and Development District about the city’s redistricting plan.

City Clerk Mickey Lagasse said that the main thing is that the numbers are supposed to be within a 10 percent deviation from the ideal value.

According to the map, District 1 has 15.86 percent (population 2,089); District 2 has 12.37 percent (population 2,026); District 3 has -17.97 percent (population 1,479); and District 4 has -10.37 percent (population 1,616).

The ideal population is 1,803, according to the Waveland Redistricting Benchmark map.

“There’s going to have be some changes made,” Lagasse added.

The percentages based on ethnicity are as follows:

District 1: 1,558 white; 349 black; 14 American Indian; five Asian; and 34 other.

District 2: 1,498 white; 290 black; 15 American Indian; 32 Asian; four Hawaiian; and 60 other.

District 3: 1,026 white; 313 black; six American Indian; nine Asian; and 23 other.

District 4: 1,301 white; 154 black; 17 American Indian; 18 Asian; and 27 other.

“The reason that Hispanic is not included in the numbers is because Hispanics can identify with basically any group they prefer to,” Lagasse said. “So those numbers are included however they identify during the census.”

Lagasse said the next step includes representatives from GRPC and SMPDD changing ward lines. Once the proposal is submitted, there will be a series of public meetings to gather public input.

“In order to equalize those out is what we’re going to have to have meetings about, adjusting those ward lines to take in some of that population and make those differences less than 10 percent,” Smith said.

Lagasse said that the city is expecting another version of the map the week after Thanksgiving.

In other action:

The city will pay $24,622 — a one-time price — to Lombardo Industries, LLC to cut the grass for the entire city, Lagasse said. The city currently has one tractor running. The city’s other tractors are down with transmission-related problems and two new tractors are expected to be delivered next month. City officials are also putting together a proposal for outside grass cutting services.

The board approved a proposal from Lance Ryan of “Sweet Trolly” to lease space at the Lighthouse parking lot for a sum of $300 per month for beach vending space.

The board voted to table Task Order 221-033.013-14 in the amount of $110,000 from Compton Engineering to provide a design of water and sewer infrastructure on Monroe Street from Rue De LaSalle to Carroll Avenue and Christ Street from Monroe to Singleton until the aldermen receive more clarification about the price for design. The proposed project is expected to provide water and sewer services to about 50 to 60 homes.

The next meeting is scheduled for Dec. 7 at 6:30 p.m.

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