Projects including the community center at MLK Park will continue during the FY’20 year. 

The Waveland Board of Mayor and Aldermen on Tuesday hosted an FY '20 budget workshop.

The proposed budget for the general fund is about $5.9 million and about $3 million for the utility fund, Waveland City Clerk Mickey Lagasse said. The value of a mill is $67,000, he added.

There is no proposed tax increase, Lagasse said.

The budget includes a three percent raise for all employees except for employees in street and utilities, who will receive a $1 per hour raise, Lagasse said.

The proposed budget also includes a $3,000 annual raise for the aldermen and a $5,000 annual raise for the mayor.

The current annual salaries for the aldermen and mayor are: Mayor Pro Temp is $18,000, $15,600 for the remaining three aldermen, and $72,000 for the mayor. None of the aldermen have health insurance through the city.

The board members discussed their raises during Tuesday's meeting.

Waveland Mayor Mike Smith said that the administrative team based the proposed salaries on those across the Coast.

Alderman Jeremy Burke said that he ran for office for "public service, not for money."

"It's more of a labor of love than money," he said. "The reason we're doing so well is not because of me, it's because of our employees. I want to be able to put back everything to them."

Burke said that he didn't feel that this next year would bring any more responsibility or work.

"I don't feel right accepting a $3,000 raise," he said.

Alderman Bobby Richardson said he sees the situation differently.

"I feel like we're really frugal with the city's money and we've given raises to all our employees three out of four years, which we are trying to take care of our employees," Richardson said. "We do do a lot. I'm on the phone constantly, I'm meeting with people constantly. I really feel like this board has worked really hard to get where we're at."

Alderman Shane LaFontaine said that "one of the hardest things I find to do is to give myself a raise."

Smith told the board that he works with each aldermen on a daily basis and that they do "work hard for the betterment of the city."

"For me, I've never in my entire life asked for a raise, it's always come to me," Smith said. "I feel like Bobby does, that we have all worked and we have improved the city through actions of what we've done, along with our employees to get where we're at."

Alderman Charlie Piazza said that he also visits people and gets phone calls from residents.

"I've always said like Shane that I don't want to give myself a raise, but look at all we've done," Piazza said.

LaFontaine said that he thought a $3,000 raise was "pretty steep."

The board discussed lowering the raise. However, Burke said that he was "fine" with everyone's salary remaining the same.

LaFontaine said that he would hope the decision about a raise would be unanimous. He said that he would also not be for a raise if Burke wasn't.

The board agreed to eliminate the $3,000 raise for the aldermen.

The proposed raise for the mayor is still included in the budget, Lagasse said.

The budget also includes projects such as the Waveland Avenue Sidewalk Project; rehab on Garfield Ladner Pier; and the construction of the community center at MLK Park, Lagasse said.

Lagasse said the city is also looking at resurfacing Nicholson Avenue and adding bike lanes to both sides.

"We are also looking at providing other sidewalks in the area and constructing a park in the annexed area on Avenue B," he said. The proposed budget also includes the purchase of three patrol cars in the police department and a new citywide computer system.

The board scheduled a public hearing for the budget on Sept. 3 at 6 p.m. in the boardroom at City Hall, located at 301 Coleman Ave.

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