Waveland building official Josh Hayes on Tuesday told the Waveland Board of Mayor and Alderman that the red iron is not salvageable and  needs to be removed from the property of the former Day’s Frontier.

The Waveland Board of Mayor and Aldermen on Tuesday heard an update from building official Josh Hayes about the Day's Frontier Property on Hwy. 90.

On Dec. 5, the board authorized a full demolition of the property. However, the owner, represented by Bill Carrigee, did not appeal the action, but rather requested relief, city attorney Rachel Yarborough said Tuesday. Since then, the board has allowed the owner to present documentation supporting the owner's request to leave just the red iron.

On April 3, the board hosted a public hearing for the property, located at 600 Hwy. 90.

At that meeting, Carrigee told the board that the structure was "structurally sound," and that a full set of plans was being drawn up, which would also be certified by an engineer.

The owner planned to house two units at the property, Carrigee said in April.

The board agreed to an April 13 deadline for demolition – with the red iron standing – with completion and submission of plans stamped by an engineer to the city's building official. If the plans were approved, the deadline for completion of the new structure would be 90 days from the date of the building official's approval of plans, but with the applicant being able to request additional time from the board at the most in 30-day increments. The motion also stated that the applicant would have no right to appeal the city of Waveland's denial for an extension request.

If the plans were not approved, the Dec. 5 order would stand.

At the April 20 meeting, Hayes told the board that he had not received a set of plans by the April 13 deadline, but that the property had been reduced to a slab and just the red iron.

Hayes said Tuesday, he still doesn't have a "complete set of plans," just a "paper with a floor plan."

Hayes also presented pictures depicting the state of the property.

Alderman Shane LaFontaine asked Hayes if he was seeking board approval for the remaining red iron to be taken down.

Hayes said, "correct."

Alderman Charles Piazza asked Hayes if Carrigee or the property owner had been contacted about this item's placement on Tuesday's agenda.

Hayes said, "no."

When asked about the condition of the red iron, Hayes said, "it's deteriorated beyond repair."

Hayes said there are also "rotten bolts" and "all the structural support pieces are completed rotted."

Alderman Bobby Richardson said he wanted to make a motion to have the red iron torn down.

"There's people that walk across the slab every day," he said. "And if these pieces fall, it's going to kill somebody. Looking at the close-up pictures, it's a lot worse shape than what you see."

Yarborough said her only concern was that no notice to appear was sent to Carrigee or the owner.

LaFontaine also added that the property needed to be cleaned up as well.

Yarborough said the board could add a notice of additional deficiencies to the notice to appear.

The board unanimously voted to add the notice to appear and additional deficiencies to the special meeting scheduled for July 30 at 6:30 p.m.

In a separate matter, Waveland resident Alfred "Tiger" Harris approached the board again about the squatter situation on his neighboring property, 4022 Mediterranean Street.

At the May meeting, Harris told the board that the man does not own the property and has no electricity, water or sewage. In addition, Harris said he has witnessed the squatter "running around naked" and been threatened with a shovel and machete.

"He's above the police, he's above this board and this city," Harris said Tuesday. "It's a serious situation. Someone is going to get hurt out there."

Harris said, when someone is working in his backyard, he sits on the back porch with his gun. Harris said he doesn't "want to have to shoot nobody."

Harris said he has filed reports with the building department.

Hayes said that it's been a few weeks since his inspection and documentation of the deterioration on the property. He said that the squatter wasn't there at the time.

Hayes said he has been in touch with the property owners.

Waveland Police Officer Philip Pavolini said the owners have not filed a report with the police department.

"Until they contact us, we can't do anything until he does some type of action, then we can act," Pavolini said.

Hayes said the deadline for owners to respond to his correspondence was June 29, giving them two weeks to address the situation at the property. Hayes said he has not received a response.

Yarborough said that Hayes has given the property owner notice of the "defects and how to fix them."

"That period has lapsed," she said. "Tonight, what he's requesting, is that the board make a motion to set a public hearing to determine it a menace based on evidence."

The board approved a motion to schedule a hearing for July 30 at 6:30 p.m.

In other action:

Aldermen Bobby Richardson asked Smith about the "For Lease" sign displayed on the property of the former Coast Inn.

In May, New Orleans developer Jim MacPhaille completed purchase of the property.

MacPhaille said in May he had plans to remove the water park, Barnacle Bills, and turn that area into commercial property.

The hotel would be renovated and managed by Wyndham Resorts as possibly a Ramada Inn, MacPhaille said in May.

Smith said Tuesday –– when he saw the lease sign –– he contacted MacPhaille.

"He said, 'I'm tearing out the water park' and when he clears that land and fixes that land up, he's going to lease that portion of land," Smith said. "He is still rehabbing the hotel. He's just going to lease that piece of property, that's all."

The board approved Ordinance No. 374 ''Authorizing Golf Carts on Certain Streets Within Waveland."

Smith also announced that the city of Waveland is now "done with all their lawsuits and is lawsuit free."

Due to the city's primary elections on Oct. 2, the board rescheduled October's meeting to Wednesday, Oct. 3 at 6:30 p.m.

The next meeting is scheduled for July 18 at 6:30 p.m.

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