The Waveland Board of Mayor and Aldermen on Wednesday discussed the results of FY 2017 audit, prepared by Windham and Lacey, PLLC, CPAs.

Tom Windham told the board that everything appeared to be in "good order."

According to the opinion, "the financial statements referred to above present fairly, in all material respects, the respective financial position of the governmental activities, the business-type activities, each major fund and the aggregate remaining fund information of the city of Waveland as of Sept. 30, 2017, and the respective changes in financial position and cash flows thereof for the year then ended in accordance with accounting principles generally accepted in the USA."

There were no material weaknesses or significant deficiencies identified, the audit states.

Auditors recommended that the "city develop a stronger policy for archiving and safeguarding computer information as a recovery plan to restore data in case of a disaster."

The city's response to the recommendation is that it is "currently seeking proposals for offsite computer back-up at this time."

Another recommendation is the "city's procedures for safeguarding capital assets include ensuring all asset additions and deletions be posted timely for a proper accounting."

The city's response is that it is "now reviewing capital asset acquisitions on a monthly basis and recording all capital assets on a timely basis."

The final recommendation is that the city "include pricing on purchase requisitions to ensure proper accounting for purchases."

The city's response, "the city has addressed this issue and, at this time, purchase requisitions or purchase orders are not issued without a purchase price of the item being acquired and if the exact price is unknown, the purchase requisition (or order) must have an estimated price recorded before the purchase order is released."

In other action:

The board approved a proclamation in recognition of the 80th anniversary of the Bay-Waveland Garden Club.

The board approved a motion to assess to property taxes of Yen Thi Tang, owner of the former Day's Frontier property on Hwy. 90, the amount of $8,750 paid by the city of Waveland to demolish the structure and clean as ordered by the board at its Dec. 5, 2017 meeting.

Alderman Jeremy Burke told the board that the Hancock County Solid Waste Authority hosted a special meeting Wednesday morning. The meeting was called to address issues, that Waveland has been having with garbage pickup.

"Basically, we were assured that it wasn't going to happen and if the problem's been happening like it's been happening, especially on Friday where trash wasn't picked up, wasn't picked up on Saturday and wasn't picked up until the following Monday," Burke said. "We're at the point that if it doesn't stop happening, they're bonding company is going to be put on notice and we'll go from there."

Burke said the Solid Waste Authority put in some safeguards in the form of monthly reports about every reported problem and 24 hours to fix the issues.

"In the next few weeks, Waste Management is going to put together a route and they're going to pay for the publishing and advertising and if you have any issues the number to call at their expense to help mitigate some of these issues," Burke said.

City Comptroller Ron Duckworth gave the board a financial review for the period ending Aug. 31.

The total cash in governmental activities totaled $6,039,246 of which $3,759,590 is on deposit in the depository account. The total cash in business activities totaled $2,649,019, of which $1,947,499 is on deposit in the utility department depository account, Duckworth said.

Duckworth added that all department expenditures are "running in line with budget."

Utility revenues ending Aug. 31, are $77,853 over budget. August billings totaled $273,125.29, Duckworth said. Utility department expenditures are "lower than budget year" and "running at 79.24 percent of budget projections."

The next regular meeting is scheduled for Oct. 2 at 6:30 p.m.

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