The Waveland Board of Mayor and Aldermen on Tuesday approved the Waveland Police Department's request to pursue Mississippi Law Enforcement Accreditation.

Waveland PD Detective Chad Dorn spoke to the board about the benefits of state accreditation.

As of now, Dorn said, there are currently 28 out of more than 400 agencies that have state accreditation.

"It (accreditation) establishes and maintains standards that represent current professional law enforcement practices and standards that address and reduce liability for the agency and its members," Dorn said. "It establishes standards that make an agency and its personnel accountable to the people they serve."

Dorn said that some of the reasons an agency should become accredited include:

• A proven management system.

• Thorough review of an agency's status and readiness.

• Reinforces agency's ability to maintain the highest standards of law enforcement services that represent current professional practices.

• Maintain level of services that reflect the community policing philosophy.

• Ensures policies and procedures are documented in writing, with clearly defined laws of authority.

• Strengthens the agency's defense against lawsuits and complaints.

• Assurance that the agency's personnel are trained and functioning according to established policies and procedures.

• Increases community support, pride, and employee morale through state recognition of the agency's professionalism, excellence, and competence.

• Assures government leaders of the quality of services delivered by their law enforcement agency.

• A quality of work environment for well-trained professionals that aids in recruiting and retaining qualified personnel.

"Accreditation increases the Waveland Police Department's ability to prevent and control crime through more efficient and effective delivery of law enforcement services to the community," Dorn said.

Dorn said that accreditation requires an "in-depth" review of every aspect of the agency's organization, management, operations, and administration.

"The accreditation standards provide norms against which agency performance can be measured and monitored over time," Dorn said. "Accreditation streamlines operations, providing more consistency and more effective deployment of agency manpower."

Dorn said that the benefits for the officers include:

• Agency policies and procedures are provided in written form and available at all times to personnel.

• Assures employees that every aspect of the agency's personnel system is in accordance with professional standards and that the system is both fair and equitable.

• The Waveland PD must operate within specific guidelines as it is accountable to the Commission and must stay in compliance with standards in order to retain accreditation.

• Increasing employees' confidence in the effectiveness and efficiency of the agency increase morale.

• Accreditation policies address officer safety issues and provide for adequate training and equipment for officers.

Dorn said the commission sends representatives to conduct homesite assessments every three years.

The board unanimously approved the motion and the $300 costs for materials.

In other action:

The board approved a proclamation in support of Marsy's Law (HC 47) in Mississippi, a proposed constitutional amendment that would give victims the same constitutional rights as the accused or convicted.

Waveland's Veterans Day parade is scheduled for this Sunday, Nov. 10 at 1 p.m. on Coleman Avenue. The parade begins at the Waveland Library and ends at the Veterans Memorial.

The board spread on the minutes a letter from FEMA Director of Mitigation Division Jesse Munoz indicating the city's National Flood Insurance Program Rating improved from a Class 8 to Class 7.

The board approved three resolutions related to the proposed Mid-Breton Basin Large-Scale Mississippi River Diversion Project:

The first resolution is a request to Gov. Phil Bryant to take "immediate action" regarding the proposed project to "prevent harm to the ecosystems of the Chandeleur Sound, the Biloxi Marsh, the Mississippi Sound, the fisheries, tourism, and way of life that depend on them."

The second resolution requests the Congressional delegation of Mississippi also take "immediate action and ardent legislative action to repeal Section 20201, Title II, of Public Law 115-123, and to defeat Section 409, HR3697, currently in the legislative process of the 116th Congress.

With the third resolution, the board adopted a memorandum of understanding with other coastal city and county governments to form a Mississippi Sound Coalition.

The board spread on the minutes a letter from the Mississippi Department of Marine Resources Executive Director Joe Spraggins, which announced the award of Public Trust Tideland's Grant in the amount of $225,000 for the construction of handicap accessible walkway and ramp into the water.

The next meeting is scheduled for Nov. 20 at 6:30 p.m.

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