The new city of Waveland Golf Cart/Slow Moving Vehicle statute took effect a few days ago, and the Waveland Police Department is reaching out to the public to share the new rules and regulations.

"We want to give out information regarding the statute including the equipment requirements, where these vehicles are allowed to drive, and how to register them with us," Waveland Police Chief David Allen said on the department's Facebook page this week.

"Unfortunately, the registration stickers won’t arrive early next week (Tuesday, Aug. 14 or so). Until then, we’re going to start educating everyone on how to get in compliance."
Allen said officers will be stopping carts and giving the drivers packets with the rules, map, and registration information until Sept. 15. After that date, they will start issuing citations for those not in compliance, he said.

"Starting Tuesday of next week, you will be able to register these vehicles at the police department at 1602 McLaurin Street, Waveland," Allen said. "You’ll need to bring the golf cart or slow moving vehicle to the station so we can inspect it and put the registration sticker on. You'll also need to bring your proof of insurance. The fee to register these vehicles is $50 and it has to be paid via check, money order, or debit/credit card. The police department does not accept cash."

Allen provided a map of the areas where golf carts and slow moving vehicles are not allowed to go.

"Please note that we will not be allowing any of these vehicles to cross anywhere on Highway 90, Highway 603, or Kiln-Waveland Cutoff," he said.

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