Waveland's new attorney

From left, Waveland Mayor Mike Smith and newly appointed attorney Malcolm Jones.

The Waveland Board of Mayor and Aldermen on Friday -- during a special meeting -- approved Mayor Mike Smith’s appointment of Malcolm Jones as the city’s new attorney Jones replaces longtime city attorney Rachel Yarborough who retired in June. Jones also serves as the attorney for the city of Pass Christian. Jones said he has been with Pass Christian since 1985, except for four of those years. “I’ve seen a lot, a lot of mayors, a lot of boards, a lot of different issues,” Jones said. Jones said he has a solo practice and Alderman Jeremy Burke asked if he seeks outside counsel to aid in some legal matters. “It depends on what it is,” he said. “In general litigation, I do my own thing. I only associate when I need someone who has a special skill, speciality in an area that I may not know about. But through the years, I’ve done so much that there’s hardly anything that’s municipal government that I haven’t dealt with.” Jones said that his methodology has been “do good and preventable at the beginning to try and avoid these missteps.” “I try to guide and look ahead and try to inject information to hopefully guide to keep you out of those places,” he said. “You never know what’s going to happen when you’re in the courtroom.” Smith said that he expects the board will be as “impressed” as he has been with Jones. “I’m really excited to go forward and see where this ends up,” Smith said. The board unanimously approved the appointment. In a separate matter, the board approved a motion to authorize the city to “reimburse MEMA in the amount of $230,472 for overpayment of Katrina reimbursements. The net amount after payment due back to the city is $1,451,766. The next regular board meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, Sept. 18 at 6:30 p.m.

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