The Mississippi Department of Education on Tuesday released the results of the fall 2019 kindergarten readiness assessment.

According to a release from MDE, the Kindergarten Readiness Assessment evaluates "early literacy skills such as the ability to recognize letters and match letters to their sounds and a student's recognition that print flows from left to right."

In 2019, the percentage of students who scored kindergarten-ready is 36.6, the release states. The percentages were 36.1 percent in 2018; 36.9 percent in 2017; and 36.4 percent in 2016.

The average score statewide on the fall assessment was 502, the release states.

"Research from a four-year study shows that 85 percent of students at the beginning of kindergarten with a score of 530 or above on the Kindergarten Readiness Assessment are on track to become proficient readers by the end of the third grade," the release states. The scale average score for the Bay-Waveland School District is 477 with 148 test takers.

The scale average score for the Hancock County School District is 486 with 340 test takers.

The scale average score for the Pass Christian School District is 511 with 142 test takers.

According to the release "making high-quality childhood education accessible to all children is one of the primary goals of the Mississippi State Board of Education Strategic Plan.

"High-quality early childhood education prepares children for a success in kindergarten and has a positive impact on academic achievement throughout a child's education," State Superintendent of Education Dr. Carey Wright said in the release.

View the full results at

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