Sending Smiles to Seniors

After the success of Sending Smiles to Seniors for Christmas, Diamondhead Rouses Market store director Chuck Clark is aiming to send smiles to seniors for Valentine's Day. 

After moving back to the Diamondhead store, Clark said he wanted to get more involved with the Memorial Woodland Village Nursing Center. 

Last Valentine's Day, Clark was working at the Rouses Market in Ocean Springs. 

"My district manager challenged me to think outside the box for Valentine's Day," he said. "I had a Valentine's Day tree and doily in mind."

Clark said that Rouses even came up with a new barcode to ring up for the particular event. 

"The community was all over it, wanting to do it," he said. 

Clark said the gesture brought "cheer and smiles" to the seniors in Ocean Springs. 

"Wherever I go, I'm going to find a place to support," he said. "Woodland Village is my new go-to. A lot of people come into the store to shop and somebody knows somebody that was or is a resident there." 

In addition to the sending smiles program, Rouses Market also donates ice cream to the center's monthly birthday party and a vendor also donated birthday cards for the cause, Clark said. 

At the front of Rouses Market, there is a Valentine's Day tree set up full of heart-shaped doilies, Clark said. 

Patrons can pick out a doily and take it to the register where the cashier will ring it up, he said. 

The cost per doily is $15.99 and includes a glass vase with a single carnation arrangement; a bag with sugar free Russell Stover chocolates; and a heart-shaped balloon, Clark said. There are about 120 residents at Woodland Village, he said. During Christmas, the community donated enough items for each of the seniors to receive two Christmas presents. 

Doilies will be available for purchase up until at least Valentine's Day or they sell out, Clark said. 

Rouses Market is located at 4407 E. Aloha Dr., Diamondhead. 

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