The Hancock County NAACP is once again hosting its reading program, Reading in the Park.
Ann Steinmetz — a volunteer with the NAACP — said the group has hosted Reading Buddies for the past five years. For the past two years,  Reading Buddies was held in Bay Saint Louis’ Martin Luther King Jr. Park and on the porch of Waveland’s library.
This year, Reading Buddies will be held in both parks in Waveland and Bay St. Louis, she said.
Reading in the Park will be held on Tuesdays from 4 to 5 p.m. at MLK Park in Waveland on Herlihy Street; 
and on Thursdays from 4 to 5 p.m. at MLK Park in Bay St. Louis on Washington Street.
Steinmetz said there is no age limit and a variety of reading materials. 
“The goal is to add extra practice for reading and empower the student to be a better reader by making reading accessible,” Steinmetz said.
Steinmetz said that people can just show up and that it’s very informal.  
She said, “We will find something that applies to whatever the student shows an interest in.”
Steinmetz said that reading buddies have materials relating to science, sports, fun facts, how-to books, recipes, etc. 
Reading Buddies also discuss themes, plot meanings, conflicts, feelings, and respect, she said. In addition, students read aloud and buddies also discuss the meaning of words and how to better understand them. 
“We let the student choose what they want to read,” she said.
Social distancing guidelines will be in place and volunteers will wear be wearing masks, Steinmetz said.         

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