Janice Guido holds up some of her vast selection of household goods. 

This Saturday, June 13, marks the return of Old Town Merchants Association’s Second Saturday Artwalk in downtown Bay St. Louis for the first time since the COVID-19 shutdown.

While the shops will be open late and all the Old Town merchants look to recapture the usual fun of Second Saturday, they are asking everyone to be cognizant of social distancing rules and be prepared to “mask up.”

As always, there are two “Hot Spots” designated for the Old Town visitors. This month’s Hot Spots are Bay Life Gifts at The Shops of Century Hall at 112 S. Second St.; and The Parrot Head Bar & Grill at the Bodega, 111 Court St.

There are “Hot Spot” activities scheduled from 10 a.m.-7 p.m., and there will be live music from 4-7 p.m.

Bay Life Gifts

A bodega in almost theViewing the historic Century Hall from across the street makes you wonder just how a place can host so many shops inside. The building is three stories, with a beautiful porch and balcony, and hosts onsite parking for customers to browse the 16 shops it is home to. Then, you step in off of Second Street to find the most welcoming committee of shop owners you could have ever wanted to meet.

Take a quick couple of steps down the stairs to be greeted by Janice Guido, the owner of Bay Life Gifts. Janice is welcoming and energetic, with a memory that will make you wonder how she could possibly retain so much information without a cheat sheet to help guide her. She guides customers through her shop while introducing each artist and product that she glides her hand over. Her energy for her shop is infectious and makes a customer want to dive right into all of the incredible goods she has to offer.

Janice brought Bay Life Gifts to The Shops of Century Hall after running the shop on Main Street for three years. “I love to be in this historical building. It’s a survivalist building,” Janice said. The artwork that lines the walls of her shop is a beautiful modern feeling in a building heading into its 101st year. Janice selects the artwork for her shop from local artists and spends a lot of time doing so. Tehle McGuffee and Kathy Bensabat are just two of the local artists that Janice hosts in Bay Life Gifts. 

Janice herself is a sucker for a good table setting but she fills her three room shop with gifts of all kinds. If you’re stumped on gift giving, Janice is a guru at whipping up the perfect gift basket - she has gifts for everyone and never disappoints. Bay Life Gifts also offers wedding registry for those couples  who want to be locally mindful.

There is so much about Janice that is fascinating and brings so much life to her shop. She sits on the Hancock County Tourism Board, works with the Hancock Chamber of Commerce and is organizing the 2nd Annual Hancock Parade of Homes with her co-chair, Regan Kane. 

Bay Life Gifts will be one of the Second Saturday Hot Spots on June 13th as the Old Town district begins to bounce back from COVID-19. Bay Life Gifts will be keeping it lively with Joy Mathern’s Ukulele Band playing on the front porch of The Shops of Century Hall, weather permitting, from 4:00 to 6:30 pm. Janice will be providing complimentary bottled water and Hershey Kisses because, as she put it, everyone just needs a hug right now.

Check out The Shops of Century Hall’s new website here: www.shopsofcenturyhall.com

Parrot Head Bar & Grill

There’s a special ambience that The Parrot Head Bar & Grill has that seems to set it apart from the restaurants that line the beachfront. Palm trees sway and Reggae music bumps through the speakers as guests enjoy a cold drink on the back patio. There are kayaks and paddle boards lining the backyard with golf carts stacked in the alleyway, waiting for their turn to ride through town. 

Enter in from Court Street, or the parking lot off of Main Street, and one will find a one stop shop in the heart of town. Located in Bodega, The Parrot Head Bar & Grill is a simple set up with a menu to fit all tastes. From local dishes like Gumbo or Shrimp Re

moulade Salad to an array of sandwiches that Vanessa Lewy, Bodega Representative, touts as the best sandwiches on the Coast. “At least that is what the customers say,” said Lewy. 

Bodega offers The Parrot Head Bar & Grill, Bodega Spirits Liquor, LOFT Yoga and Bodega Adventure Rentals - all in one convenient location. Pop in for a morning yoga session, grab a delicious lunch and margarita, rent a golf cart for a day on the town and then grab a bottle of wine to finish off your evening. 

The Parrot Head Bar & Grill is back to their regular hours and serving their full menu. They have added tables outdoors and stick with social distancing while their staff members wear masks. Chef Rickey, who once owned the infamous Rickey’s Restaurant in Waveland, is still in the kitchen at The Parrot Head Bar & Grill, which many locals love.

The Parrot Head Bar & Grill will be one of the Second Saturday Hot Spots on June 13th. They will be hosting live music from the balcony which is part of their “From the Balcony Summer Music Series” from 7-10. 

Lewy encourages guests to bring their own folding chairs and to keep it to groups of no more than 6 people. They will have complimentary Rum Punch and Pirate Booty snacks for those who join them. 

Gallery 220

Gallery 220 will celebrate two featured artists this Second Saturday: Barbara Brodtmann and Janet Densmore.

Barbara Brodtmann creates unique impressions of life on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Her subjects range from horn blowing Jazz musicians to beach strutting Sandpipers, all the while capturing the unique colors and light with her favorite mediums of watercolor and acrylic. In addition to her paintings, Barbara has a long history of teaching art, to both children and adults and many have attended her popular Wine, Women and Watercolor sessions. 

Janet Densmore will be showing more of her acrylic altered landscapes and beach scenes that change color by means of transparent pigments and minerals. Some images shift from vibrant neorealism to linear abstraction as the viewer moves closer to the paintings. In her smaller paintings and sculptures, Janet pushes the classic genre of still life to hilarious extremes in works she likes to call “Food For Thought,” with titles like “Confronting GMO” and “Cutting Down On Fats.”

Everyone is invited to join in the creative energy at Gallery 220 Main, home to over 25 local artists.

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