Students at North Bay Elementary on Thursday participated in a mock governor’s election.

North Bay Elementary students on Thursday participated in a mock governor's election.

A while later, Mississippi Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann talked to the students about voting.

That morning, students walked through the school towards the front office and gave the poll workers their I.D. cards.

Then they went to a table where they filled out their ballots.

Next, they put the ballots into a ballot box.

People from the community volunteered to work as poll workers for the school.

They were: Bay St. Louis Mayor Mike Favre, Waveland Mayor Mike Smith, Wendy McDonald, Waveland Public Works Director Brent Anderson, Bay St. Louis City Clerk Sissy Gonzales, Bay St. Louis Building and Zoning Administrator Charlene Black, and Bay St. Louis Deputy City Clerk Dana Feurstein.

Fourth-grader Elijah Strange said voting is when people choose a leader.

Fourth-grader Paul Fraiser said, "voting is important because it lets us choose who we want to lead us."

Fourth-grader Trystan Owen said he liked the mock election.

"I got to choose who I want to be my leader and that made me feel important," Owen said.

According to the Secretary of State's website, Promote the Vote is a "comprehensive K-12 voter education program."

Hosemann on Thursday said that for 12 years, he has gone to different schools and talked to students about voting.

Hosemann talked to the students about the branches of government and what they do.

"The vote is the most important thing," Hosemann said. "We governors, secretary of states, and mayors can't do anything until we are elected."

Hosemann said that every soldier that is serving right now fights for our right to vote.

Hosemann said his best advice to students would be to "vote every time. It is so important to vote in every election."

After Hosemann's speech, North Bay Elementary principal Crystal Anderson announced the winner of the school's mock election.

Jim Hood won with 140 votes (about 42 percent of the vote), with Tate Reeves in second place.

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