The state of Mississippi, a local legislator said this week, is about to get its fair share of the lottery pie.

"We did it!" state Sen. Philip Moran said Tuesday. "We did it! We finally got the lottery passed. This is a great day for infrastructure and education in the state of Mississippi. It's an absolute honor to be the author of this bill."

Lottery proceeds will initially go toward infrastructure, up to $80 million annually for the first 10 years. Anything over $80 will go into the Education Enhancement Fund, which is used for public education.

The lottery bill's success looked dubious on Monday night when the House of Representatives voted it down 59-48 after the Senate had approved it. However, it came back up Tuesday after a representative called for a vote to reconsider. The vote came back with 58 representatives for it, 54 against.

Gov. Phil Bryant was also pleased with the results of Tuesday's votes.

"This is a historic day in Mississippi," he tweeted on Tuesday. "Lawmakers rose to the occasion and passed the last part of a sustainable infrastructure funding mechanism that will also provide additional money for public education."

The governor will likely "sign the lottery bill tomorrow," Moran said.

Once the governor signs the bill into law, Moran said, "they'll start to put the board in place, get an executive director, because it takes awhile to get all this in place."

Also this week, the Legislature passed a new infrastructure bill that will divert 35 percent of the state's use tax on online and out-of-state sales to local governments and a bridge repair program.

The Mississippi Infrastructure Modernization Act is vital to help Mississippi succeed, Moran said.

"We're going to be able to put $200 million into infrastructure," he said.

"Our main emphasis when we come back in January is education, and I tell people all the time if you want to move off the bottom of the 50 (states) is to emphasize two things: Infrastructure and education."

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