The Sea Coast Echo's 2019-2020 Junior Reporters. From bottom left, Ella Cowart, Lakyn Favre, Peyton Smith, and Rayden Destarkey. From middle left, Walter Foret, Molly Kitte, Millie Brignone, Paola Alarcon, Kamryn LaFontaine, and Hayden Pate. From back left, Zoe Sanders, Brycesin Wilson, Javier Sanchez, and Jamarhy Edwards. Not pictured is K'Liyah Walker.

For the third year in a row, the Sea Coast Echo will feature articles submitted by junior reporters.

This year's most recent additions are fourth-graders in Dana Brown, Renee Mauffray, and Natalie Chiniche's classes at North Bay Elementary.

Each student submitted an application for consideration. Before they applied, I met with the students and presented a basic overview of news reporting and answered many of their questions.

After the presentation, students filled out applications for the position of junior reporter. Students listed their definitions of a reporter, three job qualifications, and three references.

Based on their applications, Echo staff chose the following students for the position: Zoe Sanders, Brycesin Wilson, Javier Sanchez, Jamarhy Edwards, Walter Foret, Molly Kiffe, Millie Brignone, Paola Alarcon, Kamryn LaFontaine, Hayden Pate, Ella Cowart, Lakyn Favre, Peyton Smith, K'Liyah Walker, and Rayden Destarkey.

The junior reporters will be responsible for pitching story ideas, and submitting stories and photographs for publication in the newspaper as well as the Sea Coast Echo's website.

Their stories can be about school events, book reviews, or editorial pieces about topics that are important to them.

Junior reporters will also be responsible for conducting their own interviews.

I will also visit the school to help each junior reporter interview and write his or her stories.

In his application, Foret wrote, "Reporters report the news, weather, crimes, and schools." He added that he is a "great listener and can write down the exact same words that they said."

Sanchez said that "Reporters also can only write about non-fiction facts."

Sanders said that a "reporter is a person that gets real facts about events that happen around schools and other places." She added that she is qualified for the position of junior reporter because she can "get facts about things that happen at the school," and that she "enjoys writing quotes for stories."

Kiffe wrote that "I am qualified for this job because I am really nice to people."

Favre said that reporters "give people facts like if there's an ice storm coming or there's a hurricane coming, but you have to be serious when it comes to saying that to people."

"When a reporter has an interview, they have to either write the person's exact words, which is a quote, they say or paraphrase, which means to make it short but still mean the same thing," LaFontaine wrote in her application.

Destarkey wrote that reporting is a "really serious job." He added that he is qualified for the position because he "loves" to talk to people and write.

Alarcon wrote in her application that she is qualified for the position because "when I go home, my mom asks me to do a million things and I remember all of it. That's why I think I should do this job. I am qualified for this job because I think it will really prove me right that I could do anything I put my mind to."

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