Hancock County Sheriff's officials put up crime scene tape outside the home where a man was shot to death in the Dedeaux Community. 

A Perkinston man was shot and killed just after 5 p.m. Saturday in north Hancock County in the Dedeaux Community off Marie McKay Road near Standard Dedeaux Road. 

Hancock County Chief Investigator Glenn Grannan said 23-year-old Brian Stuter was shot in the head after he allegedly entered the home of his ex-girlfriend and children.

“He entered the house unlawfully with a trailer hitch assembly threatening the people inside the home,” Grannan said. “He has threatened everyone there before. It’s well-documented.” 

According to Grannan, a 9-1-1 call was placed sometime earlier in the day after Stuter had been spotted on the property. 

Grannan said the man did not make contact with anyone at the home at the time of that report. He said Stuter “disappeared” but returned later, at which time he forcefully entered the home with the trailer hitch assembly in hand. 

Stuter’s ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend was inside at the time and shot Stuter, Grannan said.

“The male in the house shot him once in the head,” Grannan said. 

Because of the numerous reports made from that address in the past, sheriff's officials are ruling the death as self-defense, Grannan said. 

Stuter is the father of the children who were in the home with their mother at the time, Grannan said. According to witnesses, the woman and her children locked themselves in a room until deputies arrived.

A second 9-1-1 call was placed when Stuter had returned to the home. 

Stuter was pronounced dead at the scene. 

No other injuries were reported. 

No arrests have been made nor are expected to be, Grannan said. 

Authorities are not yet releasing the names of the other parties involved, since the ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend and children are being considered as victims in the incident, Grannan said.

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