Dr. Daniel Henley

Dr. Daniel Henley. 

Last week’s election in Hancock County was certified on Wednesday evening, and after all the votes were counted in the school board District 2 race, Dr. Daniel Henley earned 636 votes to incumbent Tammy Garber’s 632.

“I am honored and humbled to be selected as the new school board member for the Hancock County School District,” Henley said in a statement issued Wednesday evening. “My 20 years of diverse educational experience as a high school principal, teacher, college instructor, coach, and bus driver will help me make effective decisions for the stakeholders of the district and to help the superintendent, school board, and educators of the Hancock County School District move the district forward to greater heights. As Mr. David Kopf, a former Hancock superintendent would say, ‘Today a Hawk, tomorrow a Hawk, forever a Hawk - Hawk Pride!’”

On election night, Garber finished with 631 votes to challenger Henley’s 634, but Hancock Circuit Clerk Kendra Necaise said there were still 53 affidavit ballots left to count, as well as 13 voter IDs to validate, before the election could be certified.

Garber “has the opportunity to ask for a review,” Necaise said. “She has 12 days to do it. If she wants to do it, she has to give notice. If she’s not satisfied after that, she can … contest the election.”

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