The Hancock County Board of Education has reviewed a breakdown of the third-grade reading scores from state-wide testing. Above: South Hancock Elementary School.

The Hancock County Board of Education on Monday heard a breakdown of the scores from the 2018-19 third-grade reading gate from Federal Program Director and ELA Coordinator Dr. Christine Moseley.

There were 324 students tested in the district. After taking the first test, 270 or 83.3 percent of students passed. 54 third-graders did not pass the first time, Moseley said.

There were 27 students who met the criteria for good-cause exemption, which means they either did not take the test or met the criteria, if they didn't pass, to be promoted anyway.

"Normally, those are our special education students or students who have been retained one time, or twice actually, second-or third-grade," Moseley said. "Those are students who will be promoted to the fourth-grade and don't have to pass because of good cause exemption."

The remaining 27 students took the retest, she said, and 11 passed.

The remaining 16 students are all enrolled in Camp SOAR, which began June 4 and will end with the final retest, which is scheduled for July 11.

Without the good-cause exemption, the pass rate at each school was: 95.4 percent at East Hancock; 85.1 percent at Hancock North Central; 80 percent at West Hancock; and 81.5 percent at South Hancock, Moseley said.

The overall pass rate for the district was 83.3 percent, which put the district in fourth-place out of the 15 school districts in South Mississippi.

Moseley also discussed the poverty rates at each of the schools: East Hancock, 49 percent; Hancock North Central, 70 percent; West Hancock, 75 percent; and South Hancock, 91 percent.

Moseley said that the district has an 11 to 21 percent special education population in the elementary schools.

"It is something that keeps us working harder and it is something that will affect our scores one way or the other," she said. "South Hancock will be our group that has the most good-cause exemptions because they have the most poverty and they are at the 20 percent mark."

With the inclusion of the good-cause exemption and retesting scores, the district's overall pass rate is 95.1 percent, Moseley said.

"One of the reasons we're having such good success with the reading gate is that we're putting those second-graders in Camp SOAR," she said.

There are about 65 students enrolled in Camp SOAR this year, Moseley said, which includes the 16 students who will retake the third-grade re-test in July.

In other action:

The board approved several motions to advertise for bids for the following projects: A new field house at Hancock High School; new playgrounds at East Hancock, South Hancock, and West Hancock Elementary Schools; and classroom HVAC replacement at Hancock High School.

The board recessed Monday's meeting until June 17 at 5:30 p.m. for a public hearing on its proposed budget for FY 2020.

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