Mr. Donald

Donald Murphy, husband of the late LiLi Stahler-Murphy, recently donated a lighted sign to the hurricane museum in Waveland. 

Last week, board members and staff of the Waveland LiLi Stahler-Murphy Ground Zero Hurricane Museum celebrated the installation of a new lighted sign.

LiLi’s husband Donald — who donated the sign — said it was the intention from the very beginning to place a lighted sign near the sidewalk on Coleman Ave, which would make it more visible to motorists.

In 2020, the museum was dedicated to LiLi’s memory, who was instrumental in opening the museum.

Museum board president Bernie Cullen said she is “glad the sign is up.”

“The museum staff and the volunteers and the board are just so thankful to Donald Murphy for doing such a wonderful job of getting our new permanent sign with all the light,” she said. “He keeps doing things to honor LiLi and her memory. We’re just appreciative that he does all these wonderful things for our museum.”

On Jan. 7, the museum will be opening its first temporary exhibit, “Secret Coast Pascagoula to Pontchartrain.”

J. Michael Dumoulin “highlights the relaxed culture and beach setting unique to Mississippi’s three coastal counties.”

The exhibit, which will run from Jan. 7 through April 1, features 15 original illustrations and quotes from Dumoulin’s book, “Balanced on a Moment.”

According to his biography, Dumoulin is a retired Air Force officer and NASA civil servant. He is a community volunteer and serves on many boards. He also holds degrees in graphics, advertising, and public relations and has authored nine books, illustrating six of them.

The Waveland LiLi Stahler-Murphy Hurricane Museum is housed in a historic building built in 1927, which once housed Waveland Elementary School. The building is city-owned and was the only building left standing on Coleman Avenue after Hurricane Karina. It is on the National Historic Registry.

The museum is located at 335 Coleman Ave. and is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Admission is free.

Learn more at and through Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter at WavelandGZM. Contact staff at 228-467-9012.

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