Former Waveland Police Chief David Allen has resigned from the department to accept a position as an investigator with the Mississippi Attorney General’s Office Cyber Division, which he started this week.

“I am excited to have David Allen as the newest member of the Attorney General’s Office,” Attorney General Lynn Fitch said in a press release Tuesday. “The former Waveland police chief brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our Cyber Crime Division, where he will serve as an investigator.”

“I’m very excited and honored to have been picked for this,” Allen said Tuesday. “I will continue working with many of the same people I worked with before, but we’ll be able to have a better focus on these kinds of crimes.”

Allen said he will continue to live on the Gulf Coast and is assigned to Homeland Security Investigations. He will continue to work out of the same office where he’s been for the past year.

“I’m not moving at all and I’m very honored to be able to continue to serve in the area I call home.”

Originally from Phoenix, Ariz., Allen has worked at the Waveland P.D. since 1997, serving as a patrolman, patrol sergeant, I.T., criminal investigator, cyber crime investigator, chief investigator and chief of police.

For the past year, he’s worked as the chief investigator and was assigned to the Department of Homeland Security Investigations task force as a cyber investigator.

While he’ll still be working to combat Internet crimes against children, Allen said, “Attorney General Fitch is expanding the capabilities of the AG’s Cyber Crime unit and we’re going to be working a wider range of cases than I have traditionally. We’re going to tackle cases and assist agencies on issues such as human trafficking, opioid abuse, and the financial abuse of the elderly.”

“I’ve worked with many great professionals who I’m proud to consider my friends,” Allen said in a social media post. “During my time in Waveland I’ve seen the worst and the best in people. I hung in a tree with other officers and watched Hurricane Katrina destroy our city and later cheered with everyone else as our new modern Waveland Police Department building was opened.

“To the citizens of Waveland: Thank you for entrusting me to serve and protect our city and, especially, our children. I was honored to be allowed to lead as the Chief of Police for five-and-a-half years and I’m proud of what was accomplished. I feel I left the department a little better than I found it in 1997.

“A heart-felt ‘thank you’ goes out to everyone who has supported me in the past, the present, and in my future efforts.”

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