Members of the Diamondhead Planning & Zoning Commission on Tuesday approved plans for a new Taco Bell restaurant with double-drive-through on Aloha Drive.

Diamondhead residents will soon get the opportunity to “run for the border” a little closer to home — the Diamondhead Planning and Zoning Commission on Tuesday approved B&G Food Enterprises, LLC’s plans to build a Taco Bell restaurant at 4405 Aloha Drive.

“We are excited to get Taco Bell in the city,” Diamondhead Mayor Nancy Depreo said Tuesday. “We feel it will be a strong catalyst for other businesses to come to Diamondhead. This is in line with our Envision Diamondhead 2040 plan that shows buildings along east Aloha.”

According to the application, the restaurant will include a drive-through, 22 seats for indoor dining and a 10-seat patio.

The architect for the project told commissioners that Diamondhead will have the first-ever double-drive-through Taco Bell in the United States.

While a lot of people are excited about the prospects of getting a new restaurant in Diamondhead, not everyone is on board with the plan — Dionne Gauthreaux of Diamondhead TrueValue Hardware posted a plea on social media for residents to attend the planning and zoning meeting and tell commissioners how they feel about the application.

“The area that Taco Bell is asking to build on is literally in our parking lot right in front of the store,” Gauthreaux said. “This will take away half of our parking allowing us two rows of single parking.”

Gauthreaux also said it would “help make the traffic even more horrendous than it already is.”

Depreo said the application would not become a matter for the city council to decide — according to the city’s ordinances, the planning and zoning commission is in charge of approving or disapproving drive-through business applications.

The property is also privately-owned, Depreo said.

“I wish that TrueValue would get with the owner of the property and work on solutions that would be beneficial to everyone and have both businesses be successful,” Depreo said.

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