Diamondhead Mayor Thomas E. "Tommy" Schafer was found not guilty of assault on Monday.

Schafer deferred comment in the matter to his attorney, Tim C. Holleman.

"We said in the beginning there was no substance to these charges, and we welcomed the chance to put people under oath and let them testify," Holleman said Tuesday. "After hearing all the testimony, the judge ruled as we thought he would -- there was not an assault. … There is video surveillance which we played in court, over and over again."

Diamondhead Property Owners Association President Robert Clark Marthouse, II, filed a complaint against Schafer in Diamondhead Municipal Court on Sept. 9.

In the complaint, Marthouse alleged that during a Sept. 4 Community Collaborative Committee meeting between members of the POA and city officials to discuss the future of the city's amenities, Schafer angrily pushed him, "knocking him down causing him to fall over chairs, landing on the ground back first."

"We're happy with the (not guilty verdict), but we always knew that would be the result," Holleman said. "These charges should never have been filed in the first place. It's a shame the mayor has endured these last two or three months of comments in the press and elsewhere."

Holleman said Schafer has no plans to pursue any litigation against Marthouse or any other member of the POA.

However, Holleman said, "he is not going to go back to the collaborative committee unless they open their meetings to the public and stop having private, confidential meetings. He disagrees with that.

"The Diamondhead community has to come together and move forward, and that's what he wants. … He certainly holds no ill will or animosity. he's not happy about what happened, the expense of it, but you can't control what others do."

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