Hancock County Judge Trent Favre on Tuesday presented the 2nd annual Hancock County Youth Court Christmas Charity Cup to Connie Lyons, outreach minister for the King’s Kitchen in Bay St. Louis.

The Christmas Charity Cup was established to recognize an individual in the community who supports “the youth, the children, and the needy in Hancock County,” Favre said.

Last year’s recipient was Millie Brignone for her work with “Millie’s Movement,” which is an effort to raise funds to purchase toys for children who are in need.

“It made me realize how much work is being done in our community outside the walls of youth court,” Favre said. “We work with children and families. That’s our goal, to always restore children, to help children and families. Try to give them the resources they need to be successful. So, I realized there’s a lot of work that needs to be done and we have a lot of resources, but we don’t own all the resources. There are a lot of resources for people that help us do our work.”

Favre said that the youth court staff chose Lyons because she is “someone who has just given and dedicated herself to making sure that the needy are taken care of in our community.”

Favre said, in some place, people don’t want that to happen.

“They don’t want to have a homeless shelter or a place where people can get free food because it draws people there,” he said. “And they don’t want that in their community. But we live in a community that’s better than that. It’s because we have people that give of their time and dedicate their hearts to doing more than just giving food across the table. It’s giving them a plate of food that was prepared with love and care and they get that beautiful smile and warm personality and they know they’re loved through the expression of being cared for.”

Favre expressed his appreciation for Lyons’ work with the needy in the community.

Brignone presented this year’s cup to Lyons.

“I’m honored because I tell the youth I am a product of a youth that could have ended up in the court system due to bad choices,” Lyons said. “So now, when the youth come to the King’s Kitchen to do community service hours, I talk to them and tell them that coming to the King’s Kitchen is an opportunity to get it right there.”

Lyons said she strives to implement the importance of “not mixing with a bad crowd and making positive choices that could give them a positive outlook on life.”

“Because bad choices brings a negative outlook, which they can end up in the penitentiary or deceased for the choices that they make,” she said. “So I’m honored to be a part of some youth that come through the King’s Kitchen and I was able to tell them a little bit about how easy it is to get in trouble. I escaped a lot of things, so I’m just grateful that I can talk to them and make sure they know the importance of staying focused and on track.”

The King’s Kitchen, Central Bible Church’s community outreach program, serves meals Monday through Friday from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Along with meals, the church also operates the Clothesline, which offers clothing, shoes, personal hygiene products, and haircuts at no cost.

The King’s Kitchen and Clothesline are located at 2005 Longfellow Rd., in Bay St. Louis.

For more information, visit Facebook at the King’s Kitchen or call 228-493-4796.

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