Coast Electric and INFINITY Science Center recently partnered to create a safe place for ospreys and other raptors to next on the science center's grounds.

Ospreys and other raptors now have a safe place to nest on the grounds of Infinity Science Center thanks to a partnership between Coast Electric Power Association and Infinity.

The partnership began when Joe Pettigrew, a volunteer at Infinity and a master naturalist, saw the opportunity for a nesting platform near the science center’s opossum walk. Coast Electric was asked to become a partner not only because of the cooperative’s commitment to environmental efforts but because the tools and manpower needed to build and place the platform. Coast Electric staff built the platform to meet national standards and crews used equipment that typically digs holes for and sets power poles to place the nesting platform near a retaining pond on Infinity property.

According to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, ospreys often nest in the tops of dead trees and on power poles. Nesting on the tops of power poles can create hazardous conditions for the birds and for the public. Coast Electric has an avian protection plan that includes covering poles in locations ospreys tend to nest to protect the birds and the electrical system.

“Ospreys can nest in the same spot for many years so this gives the birds a safe alternative,” said Coast Electric Vice President of Engineering Scott Brown, who implemented the cooperative’s avian protection plan. “We are often working to cover our equipment to keep the birds away from danger, so it was great for us to be involved in a project that gives these animals a safe place to nest.”

Infinity Science Center Executive Director John Wilson said the nesting area will help Infinity guests, “understand the complexity and diversity of our ecosystem.” Wilson said, “We help people understand this planet and how precious it is and how everything works together. To go into space, you have to understand this planet first.”

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