Participants in Thursday and Friday’s training learned about trauma-informed court model and practice.

CASA of Hancock County and Hancock County Youth Court hosted a two-day seminar to "introduce a trauma-informed court model and practice," CASA Executive Director Cynthia Chauvin said.

The event was led by Judge Carole Clark and Dr. Donald Winstead III from Texas.

According to her bio, Clark is a former Child Protective Services caseworker and is a board-certified family law specialist.

According to his bio, Winstead is a licensed psychologist and has "conducted trauma-informed psychological evaluations in East Texas for over 20 years."

Those in attendance included staff from CASA, Hancock County Youth Court, Brenda's House Family Center, Mississippi Court Improvement Team, DYS, mental health professionals, and staff from Rankin County.

"The idea would be that children and families are better served when we are educated in trauma and recognized that children from from hard places," Chauvin said.

She said that Hancock County is the first in the state to participate in this evidence-based program, also known as Trust Based Relational Intervention.

TBRI is curriculum designed to provide long-term safety and healing for children, Chauvin said.

Chauvin said that CASA sent a staff member to TCU to become the Coast's only TBRI certified practitioner.

She said that the training was made possible through the Butler Snow Foundation.

This week's training's is the first implementation of training.

"We're launching it in Hancock County, but we want the whole state to implement," Chauvin said.

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