Richard Boyanton 

Diamondhead business owner Richard Boyanton on Friday officially announced his candidacy for the Republican nomination to be the next governor of Mississippi.

"My love and pride for the state of Mississippi is and has always been strong," Boyanton said in a press release. "Prior to a few months ago, I, like most people, sat on the sideline hoping for other people to solve our state’s problems. Yet after years of watching Mississippi stagnate and continue to rank rock bottom in nearly every economic category in the country, I was inspired to get off my butt and get involved. I made a promise that from now on I will run for office until I find someone more worthy of and more qualified for the job than myself. As a result, this past year I ran a respectful, hard-fought campaign against Senator Roger Wicker and received almost 20 percent of the vote in the primary, despite only 2.5 months of campaigning and completely refusing any big-donor money."

Boyanton said the politicians in Mississippi constantly raise taxes, justifying it under the pretext of "budget shortfalls."

Boyanton pledged that as under his leadership as governor, there would be no new state tax increases; and that he would streamline the current state tax system "to make it simpler and more business-friendly."

"Think about this," Boyanton said. "Georgia is roughly the size of Mississippi, shares the same area of coastline, yet they get more small and medium-sized companies a year than we do in ten. There’s no reason why Mississippi, with all the unused labor force and land resources that the state has, can’t be doing the same thing! Instead, we’re one of only two states in the South losing population each year. If this keeps on then in a matter of time there won’t be anyone left for the politicians to tax."

Boyanton, a former U.S. Army paratrooper, is a decorated Vietnam veteran, earning a Purple Heart and numerous other awards.

After finishing his service in the military, he returned home to start his own business. Currently, he owns Scott Fence Company and Boyanton Industries.

The primary election is scheduled for Tuesday, Aug. 6; and any runoffs would be held on Tuesday, Aug. 27. General Election Day 2019 is scheduled for Tuesday, Nov. 5, with any needed runoff elections scheduled for Tuesday, Nov. 26.

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