The Bay-Waveland School District recently opened the district's new multi-purpose field house at the Joe D. McCullough Stadium. 
The new field house and training facility replaces the dingy and outdated rectangle building that stood for close to 50 years.
The new building is a multi-purpose athletic training facility for the entire athletic program and features a locker room area for football and boys and girls soccer. 
The 9,000 square foot-plus facility has a shared weight room for all programs, football locker room with shower facility, training rooms, 30-year warranty Phenolic lockers, head coach's office, assistant coaches' office, film room, dual purpose meeting room with Promethean boards and TV, upstairs storage, and commercial washer and dryer units with ample storage space for all equipment.
Coaches can film workouts in the weight room with a bird's nest viewing area upstairs.
Bay High head football coach Jeremy Turcotte commented, "The administration has shown a commitment to the young people of the district with this facility. It is a state of the art facility that takes our entire athletic program and district to another level. The previous facility was severely outdated and this is a major upgrade. Here, our players can lift safely and and comfortably. The administration has stepped up and provided the necessary tools that the entire program needs to be successful."
During the summer as the building came to life and neared completion, the coaches had a hard time keeping them away from the surprise that awaited them.
Turcotte added, "Some of these players will be able to compare the old facility to this one while the middle school players will only know this facility going forward. It sheds a new perspective on many of the players who have been phenomenal through the construction phase. We are in a building that is 100% usable and about 90% complete. We lack the internet to this building which is on contract to be installed soon and other odd and end things that have been interrupted in the supply chain by COVID-19. Those things are out of our control but they will be resolved in due time. The entire country is experiencing this delay, not just Bay High."
The Booster Club at Bay High assisted with the aesthetic decoration inside the building as all doors are covered in historic action photographs that document the history of the program and glare at today's occupants enticing them to achieve success.
The door to the head coach's office features a compilation of photos of every head coach from Lance Lumpkin to Turcotte. The quotes displayed throughout the building come from notable football coaches and speak volumes to the players who will see them daily. But, there is one quote on the head coach's door that echoes loudly to all who enter. It simply states, "Do Right!"
It is a quote from longtime Bay High football coach Joe Shaw who coached Turcotte in high school. It is mantra that Turcotte and the staff have kept close throughout the years. 
Without a doubt, the administration of the Bay-Waveland School District did exactly that when they erected this building. 

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