As businesses across Hancock County and the rest of Mississippi and the world make some temporary changes in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, we here at the Sea Coast Echo are making some changes too, for the safety of our customers and our staff.

Beginning Monday and for the next few weeks, we’re asking our customers who need to pay bills; post classified, legal or display advertising or renew subscriptions to do so either by phone, mail, email or at our website,

Our main office phone number is 228-467-5473. That’s the number for information, subscriptions and legal or classified advertising.

You may also reach Advertising Specialist Leslie Aube at 575-693-5962, or me at 228-332-0257.

If you do need to transact business face-to-face, you can call or text me at 228-332-0257, or you can email me at any time, and I’ll make that happen.

All of us here at the Echo want you, our readers, to know that we appreciate you very much, and we want you to stay safe, healthy and happy during these troublesome times.

We will continue our weekly print edition each Wednesday, no matter what happens over the next few weeks, but the number of pages may dwindle somewhat.

With the COVID-19 situation, many of our advertisers have been forced to make some temporary changes and won’t be able to advertise. For instance, some of the sale ads and inserts many of our customers look for may be missing for the next few weeks, and others are still making plans as the situation rapidly evolves.

Our revenue — the means by which all our staffers put food on the table and keep the lights on — will shrink, so reducing the number of pages we print will help us absorb that loss.

However, all the top news — and most especially, the COVID-19 updates — will continue to be posted on our website and Facebook page as the information becomes available.

Our online readership has grown exponentially over the past several days, as the community looks for the latest, most accurate information about what’s happening locally and, again, we thank your for trusting us to provide that service.

Please stay safe out there, stay healthy, and take care of yourselves and loved ones.

— Geoff Belcher

General Manager


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