I enjoy shopping, mostly for shoes, clothes, and purses. I haven’t done any shopping of that kind, well except for some online purchases, since the beginning of this pandemic.

Now grocery shopping is another story. Since I don’t do the cooking in my household, I don’t do the weekly shopping for food. 

However, since my parents are still under lock and key during this pandemic, I shop for them and leave the items on their porch. 

People are complaining about wearing masks to the store, but the mask is the least of my worries when I have to find the perfect cut of meat, unbruised fruit, and food that has a decent expiration date. 

Since my dad’s transplant, there are certain things he can and can’t have and we have to be very careful when selecting food. 

I also often have to wait in line at the deli at Walmart to pick up something for my parents. 

Waiting in line is not something that bothers me. 

However, last week, some people decided that the appropriate social distance provides ample space for cutting in line, especially when they see you there waiting. 

But, in the grand scheme of things, cutting in line is the least of my worries. I’m just glad my mask was hiding my facial expression. 

We never really do grow up, do we? We just get taller and get jobs. I had my suspicions about my theory, but this pandemic and the constant whining by some people, has only solidified my opinion that we never really do grow up. 

But you know what’s really awesome about the deli at Walmart? Quincy. 

He works in the deli and is there every single Friday night, which is my designated shopping night. 

So since I do get to wait in line, I get to observe Quincy in action. 

He is full of energy and kindness. He thanks every single person for coming to the deli and apologizes for the sometimes long wait times. 

He shouldn’t have to apologize. On some days, he is the only person working the slicer and works as fast as he can. If people can’t understand that, then they need to learn compassion and understanding. 

Or they can get a job slicing meat and cheese and show everyone how it’s done. Yes, that last bit is heavy with sarcasm, but based in some truth. 

People want to complain about how others do their jobs, so go on big shot, show us how it’s done then. Yes, I’m talking to all the armchair scientists, doctors, writers, etc. as well.

But without this pandemic, I don’t think I would have ever met Quincy. And for that, I’m super glad.

Seeing him is the best part of my Friday night shopping adventures. 

All I know about is Quincy is how he treats his customers, but that tells me a lot about him. 

His kindness goes a long way with me, especially during this time in our country when kindness to one another is much needed. 

Thank you Quincy for being a beacon of light during these dark times. It hasn’t gone unnoticed. 

Cassandra is staff writer at the Sea Coast Echo and can be reached at cassandra@seacoastecho.com.

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