Dear Friends, 

When I purchased 126 Main St. 13 years ago, I became the guardian of a massive retail space and art gallery. 

Eleven years ago, Lulu Eats and Entertains gourmet retailer because Lulu’s “What’s for Lunch?”

My vision has always been to provide a unique and casual space for folks to lunch and shop. 

Lulu’s has thrived in being your spot to meet family, friends, and coworkers for lunch and brunch and it has been my pleasure to share my love and passion for cooking with you. 

Lately, I have felt a bit of a tug on my belt loop that quite suddenly untied my heartstrings. 

After a thoughtful process, I allowed myself to realize that the time is now, the time is now for a new chapter in my life, the time is now to perhaps finish writing Lulu’s Cookbook, the time is now for a new guardian of 126 Main St. 

I hope you savor the flavor of Lulu’s in your memory and keep warm thoughts of me, Cyndi “Lulu,” Regina, and Lizetta. 

If you were one of the many generous friends who have a special place in my heart and a plate with your name on it. Now, you can take your plate home and make a new memory for it…to all of you, I thank you kindly. 

Our last day for lunch will be Sat., Sept. 12, so we’d love to see you before then for lunch and you may want to buy the table and chairs, china, etc. 

It has truly been my pleasure. 

Nancy Moynan 

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