The Mississippi State Department of Health reported an additional 1,505 cases of COVID-19 in the state on Wednesday, and 20 more deaths -- four of which occurred between May 10 and July 12, and were identified from death certificates. There were seven new cases reported in Hancock County on Wednesday.

"Mississippi's total of COVID-19 cases for the year now stands at 55,804, with 1,563 deaths," according to the agency's statement on Wednesday. "More older Mississippians in long-term care facilities are being put at risk and dying from COVID-19. We can control the spread, lower cases and reduce deaths dramatically if we limit time away from home, keep extra distance between yourself and others, and use a face covering to protect those around us. Remember, most people who are infected with COVID-19 don't know it, and can spread it to many others before they feel ill."

Hancock County now has a total of 298 cases with 14 deaths, including eight cases and four deaths in long-term care facilities.

Harrison County reported 76 new cases on Wednesday, bringing the total there to 1,944 cases with 27 deaths, including 122 cases and 13 deaths in long-term care.

Pearl River County reported eight new cases, bringing its totals to 452 and 35 deaths, with 53 cases and 14 deaths in long-term care.

MSDH estimates that, as of Sunday, 35,071 Mississippians have recovered from the virus.

As of 6 p.m. on Tuesday, 458,686 tests had been performed by the MSDH Public Health Laboratory and other healthcare providers statewide.

Anyone with symptoms of fever, severe cough or severe chest pains – especially those who are older or in poor health – should make arrangements for testing with their doctor or one of the many healthcare providers now performing testing. Healthcare providers can assess your health history and symptoms, and perform testing for COVID-19 as needed.

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