Gov. Tate Reeves on Sunday extended the “Safe Return” order to Aug. 3, and required masks in an additional 10 counties in an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19.

On July 10, Reeves issued Executive Order 1507, which placed additional social distancing measures, which includes a mask mandate, for 13 counties experiencing spikes in COVID-19 cases. They include, Claiborne, Desoto, Grenada, Harrison, Hinds, Jackson, Jefferson, Madison, Quitman, Rankin, Sunflower, Washington, and Wayne counties.

In his new order, Executive Order 1509, the additional counties include, Bolivar, Covington, Forrest, Humphreys, Panola, Sharkey, Simpson, Tallahatchie, Tate and Walthall counties. 

In Executive Order 1508, Reeves amended his original Safe Return order, Executive Order 1492, as follows: 

“A. Paragraph I(h)(vii) of Executive Order 1492 and Paragraph I(b) of Executive Order 1500 are amended to establish that pools may continue to be open to the public 24 hours per day subject to social distancing, maintaining a minimum of six feet of separation between patrons that are not from the same household unit, with the total number of individuals (including patrons, staff, and volunteers) at no more than 50 percent of capacity of the pool area, subject to any additional limitations or restrictions as may be imposed by local authorities.” 

“B. Paragraph I(g)(ii)(2) of Executive Order 1492 is amended to establish that in order to perform non-emergent, elective medical procedures and surgeries, the healthcare facility where such procedures and surgeries are performed must reserve at least 10 percent of its hospital capacity for treatment of COVID-19 patients, accounting for the range of clinical severity of COVID-19 patients.” 

View the orders in their entirety at 

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