Last week, the residents of Pearlington celebrated the opening of the Pearlington Walking Trail.

Briggitte Patmon,of Pearlington, said that the residents have been wanting this trail for at least 10 years.

“God has been so good and so gracious to us that we are able to get this done,” she said. “Now all of the children, all of the adults as well, and the elderly can get out here on a daily basis and feel safe that we can get out here and get our exercise and we can stay healthy and also while we are outside in the outdoors, COVID free, because we are out in the open. That will definitely help us out in the community. It was well needed.”

The new walking trial is located next to the Pearlington Public Library, located at 6096 First Avenue.

It is a quarter-mile long and features four exercise stations along the trial, Hancock County Grant Administrator Maureen Anderson said. The total construction cost was $165,000.

Compton Engineering served as engineers on the project and the trail was constructed by Coastal Development and Construction of Pascagoula, Anderson said.

The project began in July of this year and funding came from the District I Capital Improvement funds, Anderson said.

Patmon said the trail’s location is a “historical” one for the residents of Pearlington because it is the location of the former Charles B. Murphy school, which she attended.

“This represents a part of that history,” Patmon said. “So having it here with our gym and the library makes it convenient because while you’re visiting the library, you can come here and get your exercise, two-in-one.”

District 1 Supervisor said Theresa Ryan said her fellow board members were “100 percent” behind the idea of the walking trail.

“I’m happy for everyone here,” she said. “Y’all wanted it and you deserved it. This is a very happy moment to see this.”

Pearlington resident Caroline Busenlener said the residents are “very grateful.”

“We have now gotten a great trail with activities along the way and we appreciate everybody that helped put it together,” she said.

Josephine Acker, who was born and raised in Pearlington and also attended Charles B. Murphy school, said she is “so excited” about the trail.

“You see Pearlington going forward,” she said. “And this community coming together. This is something that is much needed. This has been a long time in the making and I’m so glad that I’m here to see it.”

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