On Friday, Holy Trinity Catholic School hosted its annual Mardi Gras parade. In addition to parading through the streets of downtown Bay St. Louis, the members from the Krewe of Nereids 2020 royal court also paid a visit to the school and toasted the school’s own royalty. This year’s court included: PreK3: Maid: Eleni Everhart, Duke: Henry Lewis. Maid: Lily Heaps, Duke: Declan Bishop. PreK4: Duke: Noah DiPietro, Maid: Adrianna DiFilippo, Duke: Nicholas Dudek. Kindergarten: Queen: Addison Ross, King: Michael Brewer. Maid: Jaimie Mayfield, Duke: Thomas Freeman. 1st grade: Maid: Ella Kobs, Duke: Cole Kerner. 2nd grade: Maid: Reese Lichtenstein, Duke: Peyton Gauthier.  3rd grade: Maid: Ashlynn Tolar, Duke: Easton Grogg. 4th grade: Maid: Leah Vollenweider, Duke: Wyatt Carter. 5th grade: Maid: Maddie Galle, Duke: Jonathan Gipson, Maid:Mackenzie  Knoblock, Duke: Ashten Peterson. 6th grade: Maid: Gracie Veazey, Duke: Landen Schmitt. Bay St. Louis Mayor Mike Favre toasted the royal court. 

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