It’s time once again for the Second Saturday Artwalk in Old Town Bay St. Louis this Saturday, Sept. 12, from 4-8 p.m.

In light of  COVID-19, please be mindful of social distancing and sanitation. Bring a mask this Second Saturday. Some establishments require them.

Old Town stays lively all day, with many merchants and restaurants offering specials. The pace picks up from 4 - 8pm, when gallery openings and live music keep the streets humming with activity.  

You’ll find cool deals, fresh meals, and lots of art and live music.

This month’s “Hot Spots” are Jane Evans Designs and Serious Bread Bakery.

 Jane Evans Designs

112 S. Second Street

(504) 858-8574

Jane Evans has used her career as a focus on the benefits that creativity gifts to those who use it. A self described lifelong artist, Jane turned her hobby into creating an income. She first painted ceramic plates but then decided to begin crafting ceramic crosses in 2012. A Baton Rouge native, she began selling her creations to shops local to her which then spread throughout the gulf coast. Each ceramic cross has a poem attached to it that came to Jane one night while resting - it asks that the recipient of the gift hold the word and find comfort in it while undergoing the trials of life. 

Jane is now in 15 to 20 small shops across the Gulf Coast. She decided to begin searching the Bay Saint Louis area with Walter, her husband of five years. She found the shops of Century Hall and fell in love with the feel and location. 

Her shop is truly a labor of love. Her husband creates a mold for her out of shells from crabs to turtles and then she creates beautiful ceramic work from them. Jane’s father was an architect and she credits his eye for design as the base for where her creativity stems from. now, Jane’s daughter is also an architect and helps bring her mother’s visions to life with line work used on many of the ceramic ornaments. 

“Pretty much everything that is in here has gone through my hands,” said Jane. “I cut all of this out of clay and then I fire it and then finish it.”

Many of the pieces have several sheets of gold leaf and types of gold leaf paint while others are glazed. Jane has a long list of pieces she’d like to bring to life for her shop. Nothing in her store is commercially bought, outside of the pieces she acquires at the round top market in texas. 

Bradley Bones will be playing from 4-7 p.m. at the Shops of Century Hall for Jane Evans Design’s hot spot for September. Individually wrapped cookies and refreshments will be offered to those stopping by to shop. A table of beautiful butterfly ornaments created by Jane will be on the porch of the Shops of Century Hall. Each ornament will be available for purchase and the proceeds will be donated to local garden, Ruth’s Roots.

“I just discovered Ruth’s Roots while walking around old town with my husband,” said Jane. “This will be my way of giving back through my time and work but offering a way for others to give.” 

Make Jane Evans Designs a stop during your shopping on September 12 to enjoy some lively music, shop beautiful artwork and take the chance to give back to a community institution. 

Serious Bread Bakery

131 Main Street

(228) 231-1214 

The pull of Serious Bread Bakery is rather, well, serious. A very much hole in the wall style bakery - blink and you’ve passed it - Serious Bread has a following like not many others.

​Al, a once well-traveled oceanographer, had a deep love for a good loaf of bread. Through his travels, most enjoyable his time in europe, Al was able to indulge in what he felt was the right way to bake bread. He was known for visiting family in California and returning with suitcases full of sourdough bread. So, when his retirement date began to creep closer, Al decided he needed to bring his love for bread on home. 

Al took a bread class in Vermont with King Arthur Flour to see how deep his love for good bread actually went. It ran very deeply, as Serious Bread Bakery has shown. He then spent a week with John Campbell folk school to learn more about sourdoughs and the background of old time bread artistry.

Since 2003, Al and Vivian have given new life to baking in Bay St. Louis and the Gulf Coast. After Al’s passing, Vivian fully took on the daily operations of the bakery and speaks with much honor to her late husband and the deep love he had for his bread. Vivian is an incredible conversationalist and knows the ins and outs of every loaf of bread that is on the shelf at Serious Bread Bakery. She speaks fondly of the passion that she and her husband held for bringing healthy, delicious bread and baked goods to Bay Saint Louis and is looking to expand the options offered.

Serious Bread bakery will be one of the Second Saturday hot spot locations on September 12. They will be hosting the Sones Boys, a bluegrass and gospel band, from 4-7 p.m. 

There will be football cookies, finger sandwiches, homemade pimento cheese and many more delicious samplings available to taste. Be sure to indulge in a homemade cinnamon roll made by the bakery’s new head pastry chef, Patti Kallinikos. 

As Vivian said, “Serious Bread will be offering samples of a variety of offerings, forms savory to sweet.”

Let the Saturday festivities begin!

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