Bay High School is proud to announce Karime Alonso as the 2021 Valedictorian and Damen Jamar Conway as Salutatorian. 

Karime is the daughter of Manuel Alsonso and Minerva Ixtepan. 

She is also a recipient of the Hancock County Chamber of Commerce Outstanding Student Award. Karime is also a recipient of the digital media award, the math award, the social studies award, the art award, the President’s Education Awards Program Outstanding Academic Gold Excellence, superintendent honor roll (all four years), making a difference award (all four years), the American Legion School award (8th grade), 2021 tennis girls singles district champion, 10th - 12th grade overall state winner of the Law Day Art Content 2019, 2017-2018 Bay High Girls’ soccer academic award, Mississippi scholar, and the Hispanic scholarship fund scholar. 

During her high school career Karime was involved in several organizations including: Varsity tennis (7th -12th); captain of the tennis team (9th - 12th); soccer team (9th, 11th-12th); Hancock NAACP Youth Group (12th); hub coordinator for the MS Gulf Coast Sunrise Hub (12th); Hancock Youth Leadership Academy (11th-12th); student council (9th,11th); class government (10th); Interact (9th-11th); Bay High Book Club (9th-10th); Spanish Club (9th-11th); Art Club (9th-12th); Math and Science team (10th-12th); Bay High School Ambassadors (9th-12th); National Honor Society (11th-12); and Healthy Teens Council (9th-10th). 

She received the following scholarships: MSU’s Freshman Academic Excellence scholarship; MSU’s Colvard Future Leader scholarship; USM’s Academic Excellence scholarship; LSU’s Academic Scholars nonresident; USA’s freshman admission scholarship; UAH’s Academic Merit scholarship; and PRCC’s presidential scholarship. 

After graduation, Karime plans to attend Mississippi State University and major in environmental engineering. 


This year’s Salutatorian is Damen James Conway. He is the son of Angie Davis and Rick Conway. 

His honors include: Mississippi scholar; Alpha honor roll; National Honor Society; Hispanic Honor Society; Silver Presidential Educational award; Student ambassador; Spirit Club member; math and science club. 

He received scholarship offers from USM and PRCC. 

Damen plans to attend the University of Southern Mississippi. 


At its awards banquet last week, Bay High School also recognized 2021’s Top 10 students: 1. Karime Alonso 2. Damen Conway 3. Aidan McKeon 4. Cecylia Williams 5. Audrey C. Dimento 6. Jodi Everett 7. Domonique Netelia Cole 8. Elizabeth Michael Weems 9. Miles Wilemon 10. Joshua Nash Bell 


Students from the Class of 2021 with plans to enlist in the military include: 

  • Camryn Adley — Air Force
  • Ahlana Aslanis — Army 
  • Gus Buice — Coast Guard
  • Xavier Christopher — Air Force
  • Kyle Fayard — Navy 
  • Sophia Hebert — Marines
  • Brendon Misnick — Navy 
  • Aydan Rivera — Air Force 


Other awards include:

Aveon Walker was the recipient of the First Student Scholarship, voted on by faculty and staff. 

Lindsey Carter achieved perfect attendance during all four years of high school. 

The Making a Difference awards are awarded to students that make a difference at Bay High every single day and representing themselves, the school and community: Karime Alonso, Joshua Bell, Trevor Bordelon, Lavon Bullock, Cooper Cooksey, Jodi Everett, Emma Favre, Kyle Fayard, Garrett Lamky, Suki Lan, Kajuan Laneaux, Hosea Singleton, Bianca Vellon, Aveon Walker, Lizzie Weems, Miles Wilson, Cecylia Williams, and Nathalie Williams. 


Inspiring student leaders are the runner’s up to the Hall of Fame that is voted on by the faculty and staff: Aidan McKeon and Lauren-Anne Lagasse. 

The Principal’s Award is presented to the students for the impact they have made in a variety of ways during their time at Bay High School. Seth Anthony Russo and Breauna McDonald. 

The Hall of Fame Medals are selected by the entire faculty and staff for the students’ character, citizenship, respect, focus, and genuine and supportive behaviors. The 2021 Hall of Fame recipient are Cooper Cooksey and Elizabeth Weems. 

Honors graduates must take a certain amount of honors courses while maintaining good standing in the school, have no grades below a “C” on their transcript and have community service. This year’s honors graduates include: Honors graduate: Alyssa Sims. High Honors graduates: Sean Bullins, Dennis Loya, Aidan Martin, Olivia Signaigo, Breauna McDonald, Vivi Vo, Cooper Cooksey, Garrett Necaise, Joshua Bell, Miles Wilemon, Elizabeth Weems, Domonique Cole, and Jodi Everett. Highest Honors graduates: Audrey Dimento, Cecylia Williams, Aidan McKeon, Damen Conway, Karime Alonso. 

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