Sadie Pohl

Sadie Pohl.

Sadie Pohl, a junior at Bay High School, has been accepted into the Summer Leadership Institute for High School Students. The program is a partnership between the University of Mississippi’s Lott Leadership Institute and the Division of Outreach’s Summer College for High School Students.

The goals of the program are to develop leadership skills in young citizens and prepare them for college. To achieve these goals, the Summer Leadership Institute brings together student leaders from across the Southeast to earn college credit on the UM campus and to begin the study of leadership.

Participants have the opportunity to mingle with college administrators, student leaders and community leaders while taking part in current-event debates, discussions and decision-making activities. The program culminates with a one-week trip to Washington, D.C., so participants can see the federal government in action, hear from national leaders and tour the nation’s Capitol. The trip is pending COVID-19 and other public health restrictions.

Program organizers say the ideal outcome is for students who complete the program to use their new skills to work for the betterment of their own schools and communities.

University officials selected a total of 40 participates from a group of nominated applicants for the two summer sessions. Students are ranked on demonstrated interest in public service, leadership, concern for others and academic achievements.

Dr. Amy Coyne, Bay High principal, said, “Sadie Pohl is a delightful and positive spirit. She excels in the academics and arts and is active in student and community life. She is a leader, role model and example to us all and I am so excited that she will be afforded this amazing opportunity that she is so deserving of.”

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