REQUEST FOR QUALIFICATIONS FOR ENGINEERING SERVICES The Kiln Utility and Fire District of Hancock County, Mississippi (“Kiln”) requests sealed statements of qualifications (“Statements”) from qualified individuals or firms to provide engineering, design, permitting, and construction of a repair and upgrade to gravity sewer lines located in the Jourdan River Shores Subdivision, Kiln, Hancock County, Mississippi. Said proposals will be received by the Office Manager, Post Office Box 508, Kiln, Mississippi or 16148 Fire Department Road, Kiln, Mississippi 39538 until 6:00 P.M., Wednesday, December 8, 2021, after which time they will be opened by the Board of Commissioners. Kiln is not responsible for receipt of statements or delays in transmission of proposals. Statements received after the indicated time for submission shall be considered non-responsive and shall not be opened. Please submit five (5) hard copies of the statement. The statement of qualifications should be submitted in a sealed envelope clearly identified as follows: NAME OF FIRM OR INDIVIDUAL JOURDAN RIVER SHORES SUBDIVISION SEWER IMPROVEMENTS STATEMENT OF QUALIFICATIONS FOR ENGINEERING SERVICES The selected individual or firm shall be responsible for complete engineering services in accordance with applicable state and federal laws, regulations and procedures. The individual or firm’s responsibilities will include preparing project cost estimates and required engineering, design and construction services through project closeout in accordance with federal, state and local laws, regulations and policies. The scope of work will include the following: preparation of documents and specifications for repairs replacement and upgrade to gravity sewer lines; distribution of bid documents; assistance in bid opening and preparation of bid tabulation; preparation of construction contracts; performance of construction administration, including inspections, review and approval of contractor payment applications, and periodic reporting to the Kiln. Activities will include insuring compliance with all aspects of project design and implementation. The Kiln Board of Commissioners will review each statement and select a qualified individual or firm. Each Board member will assign points to each criteria based on the content of the statement. Negotiations will be conducted initially with the firm receiving the highest number of points based on the factors below, as rated by the Board. If a mutually satisfactory contract cannot be negotiated with the firm, the firm will be requested to submit a best and final offer, in writing, and if a contract cannot be reached after the best and final offer, negotiation with that firm will be terminated. Negotiations then will be initiated with the subsequently listed firm in the order of rating, and this procedure will be continued until a mutually satisfactory contract has been negotiated. In addition to reaching a fair and reasonable price for required work, the objective of negotiations will be to reach an agreement on the provisions of the proposed contract including scope and extent of work and other essential requirements. Proposals will be evaluated according to the following factors: 0-25 points, Evidence of individual or firm's ability to perform the work, as indicated by profiles of the principals and staff's professional and technical competence and experience (sewer utility construction is the focus of this competence and experience section.); 0-25 points, Capability to provide professional services in a timely manner taking into consideration the physical location of firm and availability of staff; 0-25 points, Demonstrate knowledge of local building codes and zoning ordinances—include specific examples of public sewer construction; 0-15 points, Past performance in terms of cost control, quality of work and compliance with performance schedules—include specific examples of value engineering and cost control measures for similar projects; 0-10 points, General response to the RFQ. Statements may be held by the Kiln for a period not to exceed sixty (60) days from the date of opening of proposals for the purpose of reviewing the statements and investigating the qualifications of the engineer prior to awarding the contract. The Kiln is an equal opportunity employer. DBE/MBE and/or WBE individuals/firms are encouraged to submit statements. The Kiln reserves the right to reject any and all statements and to waive any informality in statements received. 11/24/21, 12/01/21


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