IN THE CHANCERY COURT OF HANCOCK COUNTY, MISSISSIPPI IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF CHARLES JOSEPH TRACEY, SR., DECEASED DENNIS LOGAN TRACEY, ADMINISTRATOR CAUSE NO.: 23CH1:18-cv-730 (MA) PETITION TO CLOSE THE ESTATE AND DISTRIBUTE ASSETS; FIRST AND FINAL ACCOUNTING COMES NOW, DENNIS LOGAN TRACEY, the duly appointed Administrator of the Estate of CHARLES JOSEPH TRACEY, SR., Deceased, and files this his Petition to Close the Estate, to file and accept the final accounting, authorize payments of valid claims; and to reimburse Administrator for costs, fees, and expenses, and in support of same would show as follows, to-wit: 1. Your Administrator, DENNIS LOGAN TRACEY, a natural child of the Deceased, was duly appointed as Administrator of the Estate of CHARLES JOSEPH TRACEY, SR., Deceased, by Letters of Administration issued to him by the Chancery Court of Hancock County, Mississippi, on December 11, 2018. 2. Your Administrator would show that he has received into his hand’s assets, as reflected on the Inventory filed herein consisting of real property with a street address of 2226 Mole Drive, Bay St. Louis, Mississippi 39520 (said real property was sold and the funds deposited into the Court Registry). The Estate also had some personal property, including very modest furniture and an un-operable boat. Said personal property had a value of less than three thousand dollars ($3,000.00). 3. The Petitioner would show that he has contacted all known creditors of the Estate and of the Deceased. They include the lawn and pool maintenance personnel and others. The Petitioner would also show that he has personally paid for utilities and other expenses of the Deceased and/or the Estate and request reimbursement for such sums advanced. 4. Your Petitioner would show that there is one claim filed against the Estate and the Administrator, on behalf of the Estate, objects to this claim. This is not a claim against the Estate and/or the deceased and should be denied. 5. Notice to Creditors was duly published in the Sea Coast Echo, a newspaper having general circulation in Hancock County, Mississippi, on February 12, 2020, February 19, 2020, and February 26, 2020, and no other claims were asserted. This Administrator request an Order barring any other claims. 6. That all heirs-at-law of the deceased have been identified and each has entered a waiver to appear, and the heirs-at-law of the deceased are his three natural (3) children, Dennis Logan Tracey, Charles Joseph Tracey, Jr., and Sean O’Hara Tracey. Each heir will receive one-third (1/3) of net proceeds from the Estate, if any. Waiver and appearance are stated in Docket #5 & Docket #6, herein. 7. At the time of his death, the Deceased owned real property and personal property, which has been sold and the funds filed in the Court Registry. The personal property belonging to the decedent at the time of his death had very little value, included very old furniture, and an old un-kept boat. The Administrator had to clean the property and discard the furniture, and received a small amount for the boat which was used for the Estate costs and expenses. 8. The Administrator would request an Administrator’s Fee, an amount not to exceed 3% of the value of the Estate. 9. That due to the value of the Estate, there is no tax liability and/or responsibility for the Administrator and this matter should be closed. 10. That the Administrator has marshalled all the assets as stated herein, sent out proper notice to creditors, declared and found all heirs, and request that this Estate be closed, and that he be discharged as the Administrator. Attached is the First and Final Accounting as Exhibit “1”. 11. That the Estate has had to hire counsel, DONALD J. RAFFERTY, Attorney at Law, Gulfport, Mississippi, of the law firm of Rafferty Law Group, PLLC. The law firm has rendered valuable legal services to this Estate and the Administrator request that Counsel be awarded a reasonable sum for services rendered, court costs, publication fees, and recording fees in the amount, not to exceed Fifteen Thousand and 00/100 ($15,000.00) Dollars, plus expenses. WHEREFORE, your Administrator prays that this the Annual and Final Accounting, Petition to Close, and the Discharge of the Administrator be received and filed and upon hearing hereon, your Administrator will be discharged from any further responsibilities and duties as by law required, and further that all previous acts of the Administrator be approved and ratified by the Order entered in this cause; that the Court accept and approve the Annual & Final Accounting. Petitioner prays for such other, further and more general relief as in equity he may be entitled to receive. That any and all assets of the Estate be given to the Administrator, and that he be authorized to paid and proper claims, if any, and distribute the net assets to the heir-at-law of the Deceased. RESPECTFULLY SUBMITTED, this the 30th day of September, 2020. /s/ Dennis Logan Tracey DENNIS LOGAN TRACEY /s/ Donald J. Rafferty Donald J. Rafferty, MSB # 4599 Attorney for Administrator 2118 18th Street (39501) PO Box 4252 Gulfport, MS 39502-4252 PH: (228) 868-5421 FX: (228) 868-5422 Email: 10/14/20, 10/21/20, 10/28/20


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