IN THE CHANCERY COURT OF HANCOCK COUNTY MISSISSIPPI CHELSEA VICE PLAINTIFF V. WUSCHI, LLC; RONNY HART; HANCOCK COUNTY, MISSISSIPPI; DISTRICT ATTORNEY FOR HANCOCK COUNTY, MISSISSIPPI; ATTORNEY GENERAL FOR THE STATE OF MISSISSIPPI; ANY AND ALL OTHER PERSONS, FIRMS OR CORPORATIONS HAVING OR CLAIMING ANY LEGAL OR EQUITABLE INTEREST IN THE REAL PROPERTY LOCATED IN HANCOCK COUNTY MISSISSIPPI: TAX PARCEL: 0414-2-11-012.000; LOT 30, PHASE 2, CYPRESS POINT SUBDIVISION, WHICH WAS SOLD BY CHANCERY CLERK CONVEYANCE FOR NON-PAYMENT OF AD VALOREM TAXES ON 8/31/15, FOR 2014 TAXES, AND NOT REDEEMED HANCOCK COUNTY MISSISSIPPI: TAX PARCEL: 0414-2-11-012.000; LOT 30, PHASE 2, CYPRESS POINT SUBDIVISION NO.23CH1:21-cv-199JS SUMMONS THE STATE OF MISSISSIPPI TO: ANY AND ALL PERSONS NAMED OR UNKNOWN OR ENTITIES CLAIMING LEGAL AND/OR EQUITABLE INTEREST IN THE SUBJECT REAL PROPERTY DESCRIBED ABOVE: You have been made a Defendant in the suit filed in this Court by CHELSEA VICE, seeking to quiet and confirm title to the subject property, title having been obtained by Tax Sale from the State of Mississippi. Defendants other than you in this action are HANCOCK COUNTY,MISSISSIPPI; DISTRICT ATTORNEY FOR HANCOCK COUNTY, MISSISSIPPI;ATTORNEY GENERAL FOR THE STATE OF MISSISSIPPI, all of whom are being served with the process of this Court. You are required to mail or hand deliver a written response to the Complaint filed against you in this action to Chris Johnson, Attorney for Plaintiff, whose post office address is Box 2188, Bay St. Louis, MS 39521, and whose street address is 114 Main Street, Bay St. Louis,MS 39520. YOUR RESPONSE MUST BE MAILED OR DELIVERED NOT LATER THAN THIRTY DAYS AFTER THE DAY OF 10/06/21, WHICH IS THE DATE OF THE FIRST PUBLICATION OF THIS SUMMONS. IF YOUR RESPONSE IS NOT SO MAILED OR DELIVERED, A JUDGMENT BY DEFAULT WILL BE ENTERED AGAINST YOU FOR THE MONEY OR OTHER RELIEF DEMANDED IN THE COMPLAINT. You must also file the original of your Response with the Clerk of this Court within a reasonable time afterward. Issued under my hand and the seal of said Court, this the day of , 2021. ______________________, Clerk Chancery Court of Harrison County, Mississippi (seal) BY: D.C. 10/06/21, 10/13/21, 10/20/21


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