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UPDATE: Coca Cola Plantation in BSL razed by fire
By Dwayne Bremer
Aug 15, 2014, 22:02

Bay St. Louis Assistant Fire Chief Monty Strong surveys the damage at the Coca Cola Plantation on Thursday.

Part of a historic Bay St. Louis property was razed Thursday when a blaze ripped through a house on the Coca Cola Plantation off Washington Street.
Bay St. Louis Fire Chief Pam San Fillippo said Thursday that she received a report of a fire at the plantation at about 9:37 p.m. Thursday.
There are several structures on the property and the fire was limited to the "small house" or guest house at the property.
For decades, the property was one of the county's jewels along the Jourdan River.
Heavily damaged during Hurricane Katrina, the houses have yet to be renovated, although many local residents often go to the property to take family pictures because of the antebellum landscape.
Officials said Friday that there was no electricity going to the guest house which caught fire on Thursday. It is unclear if any homeless people had been staying on the property.
San Fillippo said that when police and fire officials arrived, the house was fully involved in flames, officials said.
"Fire was over the tree tops," one fireman said.
San Fillippo said BFD set up a defensive ring around the house.
A larger house nearby was not damaged.
Several local fire departments assisted Bay St. Louis Since there are not any fire hydrants in the area, tankers carrying water had to be shuttled to and from the scene. San Fillippo said it is too early to determine a cause of the fire. She said the Hancock County and state fire marshal's offices will conduct a full investigation.


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