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Hancock Grand Jury recommends more cops and teachers for second time in a row
By Dwayne Bremer
Aug 13, 2014, 08:53

For the second consecutive term of the Hancock County Grand Jury, the outgoing grand jury report has recommended that the Hancock County Board of Supervisors increase the number of patrol officers in the county and raise their pay to compete with other agencies.
The latest grand jury report was read in Hancock County Circuit Court on Tuesday.
A new grand jury of 20 local residents is picked every February and August.
Before the new grand jury is selected, the outgoing one issues a report detailing the number of cases it heard and recommendations it has for the county.
Outgoing Grand Jury Foreman Robin Ladner Favre read the outgoing report Tuesday morning.
In it, she said the grand jury heard a total of 171 cases, in which 102 indictments were returned.
Forty cases were not indicted, 26 cases were returned to law enforcement, and three cases were passed to the next grand jury, which was selected Tuesday morning.
Among the recommendations, Favre said, was that the grand jury encouraged the Hancock County Board of Supervisors to raise patrol levels at the sheriff's office and give deputies better pay.
Last year, supervisors cut Sheriff Ricky Adam's budget by nearly $500,000.
The report also stressed the need for more security at the Hancock County Courthouse and the creation of a youth detention facility in the county.
The grand jury also asked that education be fully funded in the county and that the Hancock County School District hire more teachers.
The report also asked the Mississippi Forestry Commission to create a Hancock County bureau or station.
The grand jury's recommendations are non-binding.


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