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Construction delays force BH parking changes
Aug 5, 2014, 18:25

Parking upgrades, including better lighting, increased parking spaces and sidewalks, are coming soon for students at Bay High, but unfortunately won't be complete before the start of school this Thursday.
“Due to extenuating circumstances with continued construction projects and safety being our number one concern, only faculty, staff and those seniors with a parking application turned in as of July 31, 2014 will be allowed to park on campus,” said Brad Barlow, Director of Operations for the Bay St. Louis-Waveland School District.
“All other students will not be allowed to drive to campus until further notice – we simply do not have the room at this time.” Completion of the new parking lot is expected by the end of August. Once the project is complete, Bay High will gain over 100 new ADA compliant parking spaces.
In the meantime, the school has established three designated parking areas on campus and these will be in effect until the new parking lot is completed.
The temporary gravel parking areas are specified for faculty and seniors only.
Due to space restrictions, underclassmen will be unable to bring their cars to school until construction on the parking lot is complete.
Students and staff will not be allowed to park in adjacent parking lots or on streets near the school and walk to campus.
The parking area for Bay High seniors and all visitors, designated Parking Area #1, is located near Blue Meadow Road in front of gym.
Only seniors with a school-approved parking pass obtained by July 31st will be able to park in this area.
Seniors and visitors will access this parking lot from the bus loop entry only, which is located on the north side of campus off Blue Meadow Road.
This is the same drop off and pickup area as in the previous school year.
Parking Area #2 closest to the two classroom wings and Parking Area #3 located near the field house will be used by BHS faculty & staff only.
Parking outside of designated parking areas will be subject to towing at owners expense.
Students who cannot park on campus will need to ride the bus or be dropped off / picked up.
Those riding the bus will need to contact First Student at 228-466-9002. Others being dropped off will enter the bus loop area off of Blue Meadow Road, a one way entrance to the school.
Directional signage will be in place and Bay St. Louis police officers and teachers will be on hand to help with this transition.
Walkers and bike riders who live nearby will enter the campus through a fenced area near the intersection of Carroll and Pine Street and walk into the 9th grade wing to enter campus daily.
“Unfortunately we saw delays during the summer months and we're working hard to accommodate our students and staff,” said Dr. Rebecca Ladner, Superintendent of the district.
“We realize this is an inconvenience but appreciate your patience and assistance as we work through this process.” The general contractor of the project is now under the daily monitoring of White Construction Management Services.
Student-specific questions can be addressed by calling Bay High at 228-467-6611.00


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