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Going for Baroque: Lagniappe Church hosts second annual Music & Art Camp in Bay St. Louis
By Geoff Belcher
Jul 25, 2014, 20:55

Molly Hammett helps with art instruction.

Nineteen children who have spent their whole lives experiencing only south Mississippi's two seasons this week got the opportunity to learn about Vivaldi's "The Four Seasons."
That was the theme this week for the Mississippi Sound Music & Art Camp at Lagniappe Presbyterian Church in Bay St. Louis, camp founder Molly Hammett said Thursday.
It's the second year Hammett and other volunteer instructors have hosted the week-long summer camp at Lagniappe.
It cost only $15 for each student, all of which went to pay for instructional materials.
"We started it to do something for the community that would not be cost-prohibitive, but would provide education in the arts," Hammett said.
Hammett's husband, the Rev. Carey Hammett, is pastor of the church, which has been "very supportive" of the camp, she said.
Molly Hammett and volunteer instructors Chris Coddling, Alice Jones and Bonnie Sheldon, spent the week showing the kids how to paint and make music, with a Vivaldi soundtrack in the background.
On Thursday, Coddling a former art professor at Mississippi State University and elementary school art teacher led the children through artistic exercises, painting scenes from spring, summer, winter and fall.
Sheldon, a music school director in Pass Christian who also founded a community orchestra, spent the week teaching the children how to sing and play the recorder.
Hammett, a piano teacher, taught the children about music appreciation.
"We studied and listened to Vivaldi's 'Four Seasons,'" she said, "where we talked about different parts of the orchestra and different aspects of music.
"It's a really fun way to learn about music and art. I think the kids don't realize they're learning something because it's fun, and that's important."
On Friday, the children conducted a performance for their parents to show what they had learned.
Hammett thanked her volunteers and sponsors, including the Ugly Pirate, which provided a donation to help pay for materials; Lowe's, which provided free picnic tables; and Walmart, which provided gift cards to help pay for art supplies.


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