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Bay beach-goers rescue brown pelican
By Echo Staff
Jul 23, 2014, 09:07

This brown pelican was caught by fishing line wrapped around its ankle. The line was still attached to a pole.

Alicein Chambers, left, Rebekah Wilke and Martin Chambers work Friday to remove fishing line wrapped around a brown pelicans leg. Nan Sanders was walking her greyhounds on the beach in Bay St. Louis near St. Charles St. Friday when she spotted the pelican sitting in shallow water. “As I approached, I noticed he was injured,” Sanders said. “The pelican made an attempt to fly, but one of his feet was tightly wrapped in fishing line that was still attached to the pole.” Several other beach-goers got involved and helped free the pelican. Others who helped include Stacey Hoover and Ronan Chambers.
Photos by Nan Sanders


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