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Bonnie Vallery is Artist of the Week
By Geoff Belcher
Jul 23, 2014, 07:43

Bonnie Vallery paints a mural at her home.

Vallery created a “living mural” of Edward Hopper’s “Nighthawks” for ArtsAlive 2014.

Artist of the Week Per-Bonnie Vallery grew up in Maine and Connecticut, but moved to Hancock County, Mississippi in 1988. Today, she and her husband Mark live in Jourdan River Shores. They have three grown children and four grandchildren, ages 2-16.
She spent much of her time up north working on lobster boats with her family. Vallery paints commissioned work, including tableaus and murals and slates. Oils are her preferred medium, but for murals she often uses wall paint.
You can view some of her art at the Waveland City Hall Gallery; Serious Bread Bakery, where various tecniques were applied with paint to create the illusion of wood, brick, and old plaster walls; and at various locations around Bay St. Louis, including People’s Bank. Before Hurricane Katrina, she painted a mural on a commercial building on McLaurin Street in Waveland that still exists – “That piece has a lot of significance to people,” she said.
Vallery can be reached at any of the following for prints, slates or commissioned work: Cell, 228 324 4574 anytime/ prints/slates or commissioned work; or email: bonnievallery@yahoo.com. You can also find her on Youtube: Artist Bonnie Vallery French Quarter Mural (to view 360 degree mural); or on Facebook.
In order to better promote the arts, the Sea Coast Echo and The Arts, Hancock County, have partnered to offer our readers the Artist of the Week. We invite you to “vote” for your favorite artist each week by liking them on the Echo’s Facebook page. The artist with the most “likes” from Saturday-to-Saturday will then be our Artist of the Month, with a full feature story and multiple photos of his/her work. Joan Coleman was July’s first Artist of the Week, followed by Per-Owe Andersson.. The other artists this month will include Danny Noonan and Ginny Walden.


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