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Waveland waiting for FEMA ok for new police station construction
By Dwayne Bremer
Jul 15, 2014, 20:49

Construction on Waveland’s new police department was halted in 2012 due to a dispute between the city and the contractor.

Construction of the new Waveland Police Department on McLaurin Avenue may resume soon, officials said Monday.
Waveland City Attorney Gary Yarborough said Monday that the city and a bond company representing the original construction team have agreed on a list of repairs to get the project moving once again.
The repair package has been sent to FEMA's hazard mitigation team for approval, he said.
"Hopefully, we can get an answer back pretty soon," Yarborough said.
In 2010, the board of aldermen under the Longo administration authorized a $4 million contract with C. Perry Builders to construct a new police station on property the city purchased near the corners of St. Anthony and McLaurin streets.
The complex was expected to be one-story, fitted with a new booking area, holding cells, expanded storage and office space, and a fitness center for officers.
It was to be named the "Johnny Longo/Donald Dorn Public Safety Facility."
The facility will be constructed to sustain 250 mile-per-hour winds and storm surge.
Unlike the original police department on Highway 90--which was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina--the new facility will be built with steel framework and reinforced concrete, officials said.
Soon after construction began, however, deficiencies in construction were discovered and the city filed a lawsuit in Hancock County Circuit Court, stalling the project indefinitely.
During the Garcia administration, the police department has operated from a trailer on Coleman Avenue.
The Waveland Police Department is the last public entity department on the Coast to be operating in a trailer after Hurricane Katrina.
Now that the court case has been resolved, Yarborough said, the city is only waiting on FEMA to decide how to move forward.
He said it is unclear if C. Perry Builders will complete the project or if it will have to be rebid.
"That will be decided once we get FEMA's decision," Yarborough said.


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