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Artist of the Week: Per-Owe Andersson
By Geoff Belcher
Jul 15, 2014, 20:37

A photograph by Per-Owe Andersson.

In order to better promote the arts, the Sea Coast Echo and The Arts, Hancock County, have partnered to offer our readers the Artist of the Week. We invite you to “vote” for your favorite artist each week by liking them on the Echo’s Facebook page. The artist with the most “likes” from Saturday-to-Saturday will then be our Artist of the Month, with a full feature story and multiple photos of his/her work. Joan Coleman was July’s first Artist of the Week. The other artists this month will include Danny Noonan, Bonnie Vallery and Ginny Walden.
Artist of the Week Per-Owe Andersson, a native of Sweden, lives just north of Kiln, Mississippi, where he moved shortly before Hurricane Katrina.
Andersson first became interested in photography when he was a child.
“I believe my mom and dad gave me my first camera for my seventh birthday,” he said. “It was a small Kodak and I loved that little camera. To be able to capture the world around me in a frozen moment was a fantastic feeling.
“Some of the images I captured with that camera still hold up today.”.
When he first came to the U.S. as an exchange student in 1982, he says, “my grandparents gave me a Konica with two lenses. With this amazing equipment I began to think a little more of what I was doing rather than just firing away. ... It is my interest today to use my abilities of observation to capture images that will speak to and create a reaction in you the viewer.
The opportunities to capture great images are endless here in our own backyards. The light, the flora, the fauna, the structures, they all have stories I try to capture for my – and hopefully, your – viewing pleasure.
To contact Andersson for photography services, call 228-586-6046 or e-mail him at per-owe.andersson@att.net


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