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Artist of the Month: Jerome Anderson
By Geoff Belcher
Jul 11, 2014, 20:09

“Yellow Indian,” acrylic on stretched canvas.

“Indian Boy.”

The Sea Coast Echo's readers have selected Jerome Anderson as the inaugural Hancock County Artist of the Month.
Anderson, 58, is a native of New Orleans, but spent a lot of time in Waveland when he was growing up, and now lives there when he isn't in the Crescent City.
A fine artist/graphic designer by trade, Anderson has basically been a multi-media artist since he was three years old.
"My first art exhibit was when I was five years old," he said recently. "It was a one-man show, due to the volume of work created. Since there was never enough class work to last the entire class time, my teachers filled the day with art activities."
Anderson studied Fine Art at Xavier University of New Orleans and Southern University at New Orleans (SUNO). He received the Certificate of Excellence from the Advertising Club of New Orleans - Student Division, an Award of Excellence from SUNO Art Department and earned a Fine Arts Degree at SUNO with a concentration in Graphic Design. While privately working as a graphic designer, photographer and fine artist, he maintains a 9-5 job in the printing and image processing business.
Throughout grade school and college, he participated in art programs and exhibits. Early on he exhibited at schools, The Children’s Film Festival, various galleries in the French Quarter, New Orleans African American Museum of Art, Culture and History (NOAAM), at a series of Venezuelan Consulate exhibits, and Ashe Cultural Arts Center in New Orleans; also created a mural for the Restore The Oaks public art in New Orleans.
His preferred mediums are acrylic paint, charcoal, graphite and pen & ink, but he also exhibits his photographs, most recently at the Hancock County Courthouse and Waveland City Hall Gallery.
His art is characterized by vivid colors and rich detail. While many painters concentrate either on portraits or landscapes, Anderson integrates them equally.
"I do a lot of figures," Anderson said. "I like to capture people's expressions. I like scenery. I really like colors, in the skies, in the trees.
"I'm constantly creating, whether I'm putting it down on a surface or not, I'm thinking about the images I see ... and I try to capture that on my canvas. ... I try to transmit the way I feel about stuff to other people, and that makes me happy, when someone can look at my work and instantly understand what I was going for.
"Right now, I have a focus on Mardi Gras Indians. I paint the images of the Indians, but I can't even come close to the amount of detail they put into their outfits."
While New Orleans' rich cultural heritage informs a great deal of his work, Anderson says he's most comfortable living and working in Waveland.
"I feel like I'm in a community with the artists here," he said. "It's not like that everywhere. ... It's more like a competition in New Orleans. In Waveland, it's a community."
For more information, Anderson can be reached at 504-715-5115 or via email at returningnolaartist@yahoo.com. 


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